Dear Memories,

You are an integral part of me

You are there with me in my solitude and in midst of  a crowd

You are there with me, with or without your photographs

You often make me smile and sometimes you make me cry 

You have taught me what nostalgia means

You have been a friend and a teacher

There are no secrets between us

There are times, you put me to sleep or keep me awake 

With time a little of you fades in my mind

While some of you are so vivid that I feel you are still here

Some see you as fiction, dreams, lessons

For me, you are as real as me.

I am glad you came.

I’ll take care of you, just like you look over me

Mind your wings

December 31st, 2015





  1. Isabella · January 2, 2016

    Beautifully expressed …


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