Walk away…


When you are not being treated well; Walk away

When your respect is being tampered on; Walk away

It may hurt for a while,

But, short term pain is better than life time misery

Knowing when to walk away is: Wisdom

 Being able to do it is: Courage

And doing it with dignity: is a BLISS

The road maybe unknown or rocky ahead

But, you can count on your steady footsteps

You may miss the security of familiarity

But, when walking away is a Bliss

Having faith in yourself is the first step when walking away!

Mind your wings


Thoughts on turning 30


And I have turned Thirtyyy!!! Happy? Sad? Indifferent is more like it. Age is just a number right…

Honestly, I have been dreading the Big fat 30! It’s so old. I am an aunty…! But secretly, I enjoy being an aunt to my nieces and nephews. They make me love, laugh, play, pout and cherish the small things in life. 🙂 🙂

And my 5 year plan has gone awry. I’m not anywhere near it. On the other hand, life has given me better gifts! I love my offbeat work. I am a better version of myself. I am finally more open and non-judgemental (almost there). And, I try to live, one day at a time. 

Though I missed a couple of things in my 20s. There are so many things I look forward to in my 30s:

  • Continue globe-trotting
  • Fall in love and get married (It may be over rated, but still want to do it 😉 )
  • Learn and Teach different yoga styles
  • Attend music festivals
  • Dress up like a hippie and travel in luxury
  • Attend a rave party…? 
  • Sit in meditation for 60 minutes, without sleeping
  • Be a better version of my current self 
  • Finally, Have babies.. 

Laugh all you want, as its’ rare anyway! (my list is not rare; Laughter is). But again, life is full of surprises. And, I have learnt to be careful of what I wish for! 

There are times, we are so focused on our  plans, that we miss out on life! And, its’ only when we get a jolt, that we start cherishing the things we have. I am absolutely grateful for everything in life. We take so many things for granted. And its’ only when they are slipping or we lose them, that we realize their value.

So Dear 30s, I am already in love with you. We’ll make a great team and looking forward to doing more authentic things in life. 🙂 😉

Mind your wings

Breaking the chains of Perfection


I’ve tried being perfect for too long

It’s fulfilling; but it’s exhausting for the body and soul

The approval and affection is an addiction

BUT. But the spirit feels chained and gnawed!

And when the spirit breaks the chains of Perfection

The flaws begin to surface, they appear monstrous

BUT. But something in me felt free…

Free to be judged, accepted, loved or abhorred.

Free to be me. The unabridged-imperfect me.

Making mistakes is better than being imprisoned by perfection!

You cannot expand a perfect person

But, the flawed person has so much to learn, improve and explore!

AND, once you learn to love and live with the flawed you

You will be surprised that you still have the affection 🙂

Mind your wings



Only time will tell


When we look back at the decisions we took, people we chose, mistakes we made, opportunities we grabbed, friends we made, hobbies we invested in; there are proud moments and a couple of  moments that send a chill down your spine.

But, there is also a third category, those things which were supposed to be awesome but in hindsight, it reflects badly on you. It’s not regret, it’s not disdain, it’s something in between. It taught us a lot, but we don’t like that former person. So what happened?

With time, we all grow-change-evolve. Sometimes we can look at our blunders in the eye, sometimes they are too painful, especially because there is no rectifying them. Even worse when you realize the amount of chaos you invited and the unnecessary battles you fought.

The silver lining to this is, the fact that your journey has made you a better person. The chaos has built more character. Only time will tell, if the time was well spent!!!

Mind your wings


What’s a life without a few Risks?


If you want it, Go for it, Take a risk

Don’t play it safe always; You’ll die wondering

Hello everyone!!

Decisions…they are tricky. Some are simple, some require you to take risk. Sometimes our fears, wounds hold us back. But, how long? At what cost? Being cautious is great but refusing to take risks, is like travelling to a beautiful city and staying put in the hotel!!

Courage, faith, perseverance are essential when you put yourself out there. Just like we choose our battles wisely, we need to choose to take risks in our life with equal wisdom.

Personally, I lost on a lot, because I was scared, what if I failed… Guess what I will never know. I am not talking about being impulsive; but having enough faith to take a tough path, as on the other side is my Paradise!! Besides, maybe you don’t want it enough that’s why you are not putting anything at stake or maybe you think you will lose faith and hope if this time you fail. Well, well action is always better than inaction!!

Take a risk, take a chance and you may be surprised what life has to offer!!


Mind your wings

When it finally sinks in: The final acceptance


Choices are made. Decisions are taken. Consequences are borne. So much happens.. Sometimes, we are persistent or stubborn. When we find a dead end, we may think success lies on the other side of the wall. We try climbing it or breaking our heads on that wall, we rest, we resume, we take a few steps back but come back to familiarity. And then that final moment, where it sinks in that we need to find another path or reassess our goal.

The same might happen when you start a venture, are facing a choicepoint in a relationship or in any facet of your life. We hold onto a lost cause, case or person. This happens because it’s very important in our lives or we still have hope. This is not about letting go or accepting failure. It’s about acceptance to what has happened; It is that time frame from when you know, to when you think you have released to that final moment that it will never be the same. It has happened. Period.

It can be an emotional journey; but like we know, anything that does not kill us or make us completely insane, makes us stronger-wiser or more humane. The final acceptance, where we let go of any resistance and remorse and look ahead or take a quick look back and pave out a new way. It happens, but you never know how long or how curvy your journey is….

Change happens everyday…But you may never notice or when you do see it, it’s too late to do anything about it; All we can do is, to accept it and let it sink in.

Mind your wings

The thin line between much and too much


Very often we hear there is a thin line between being confident and arrogant, genius and insane, passion and obsession, firm and stubborn, love and hate, self-love and selfish, so on and so forth. So how do we know, how much is too much? How do we know when to stop? Is it the same for people with different personalities in varying situations…..So how much is too much?

Is it too much when people start complaining? Maybe not. In different cultures, homes, families, the norms are different. The thin line has been crossed when you are not at peace with yourself and everyone around you. You start becoming irritable easily, take rash decisions, get very angry with everyone, when things don’t go your way. And anything that makes you feel like you are sitting on ticking time bomb ready to ignite…

Basically, in your heart and head you will know, you have gone overboard. You are rocking everyone’s boat and on the verge of toppling yourself.  Of course we all have valid-logical reasons for being a certain way.

But, just think about it, throughout your life; there is one person you constantly live with, are answerable to, laugh-cry with; and that person is “YOU.” So you need to impartially draw the line for you!! Make your life easier and make your conscience lighter. Your loved one’s, peers, friends can guide you, but you decide when it’s too much. You know it when you cross that thin line to toooo much!!

Mind your wings