5 Superfoods for a Glowing skin


This year let’s eat right for a radiant skin. Besides your skin regime, facials and all the face packs. It is very important to eat these superfoods for a good skin. Let me assure you they are tried and tested.

1. Clean-Pure Water and more water : There is no substitute to water. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated and clean. If you find drinking plain water difficult, add green tea or lemon n honey, lime, cucumber or any other greens to fuel your system for a radiant skin.


2. Super Seeds: Flax seeds and Chia seeds are the healthiest foods you can nourish yourself with. They have a high amount of antioxidants, protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. They help repair the damaged cells, prevents ageing of the skin and adds lustre to your skin, hair and nails. Eat 2 teaspoons of each everyday. You can add it to your salads or soup too in its raw form.


3. Super Nuts: Almonds and Walnuts are a rich source of vitamin E, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. Continuous intake helps in giving you a better complexion and an even skin tone. Eat a fist full of both these nuts daily, for at least 3 months to notice the difference. Anything that is helping your skin is helping your daily nutrition and body too!!



4. Super Greens: Tomatoes, Berries and Spinach are a bliss for your skin and hair. Add raw fruits and veggies to your diet. To see their effect, you need to religiously eat them. They are delicious, so consume them in the raw form. Eat right for your skin’s delight.

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5. Super Juices: Aloe vera and Gooseberries(Amla) juices are available in a lot of organic shops or grow them in your garden. 1 month and you will find that your hair loss has stopped, your hair texture is better, your skintone is more even and all the other health benefits make these a superfood. They may not taste that great, in its natural form, but it is worth it. They are great detoxifying agents too. Put 2-4 teaspoons in one cup of water and drink it on an empty stomach.


It is more important than your creams and serums in the long run. Add a few of these to your daily meals and you will notice the difference. Eat away for a fabulous skin!! 🙂 🙂




  1. GeorgieGrl · January 5, 2016

    Thx for the advice!
    My skin doesn’t break out in spots that much so I drink so much water to make sure it doesn’t!!!


    • mindyourwings · January 6, 2016

      Thank you for reading… aloe juice and tomatoes are real good when it comes to preventing acne or comedones

      Liked by 1 person

      • GeorgieGrl · January 6, 2016

        yeah, lemon water also works well


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