“Sometimes, I don’t like what I see in the mirror.” And Meditation is a mirror


When we start practicing meditation on a regular basis. Our awareness automatically increases. We are able to see our motives behind actions, our deepest fears, the mistakes we made; Basically, we are able to see our innermost selves. That is hidden from the world and often from ourselves too!

Thus, when meditating, we are taken aback. Sometimes, we don’t like what we see. But the other times, appreciate yourself for all the good work. Be grateful that you have turned out humane.

Meditation cannot be distorted or you cannot be partial. You will see the good, bad and ugly. BUT, the aim of meditation is not transformation. The result of meditation can be transforming. Overtime, we need to stop judging what we see. We just need to be aware and accepting! And as a result of our awareness, we raise our consciousness as people. Our perspective becomes wider and atleast we see our trueselves. That is often hidden in midst of our ego and chattering mind.

Irrespective of all, spend more time with you. As only when you see the most authentic you, can you help yourself. Orselse, you’ll keep moving in circles.

Meditate, not because you want to become a better person. Meditate, because you want the best of you to be reflected!!

Mind your wings

When emotions dissolve your clarity


Emotions are constantly changing, but don’t let it destroy your peace of mind! Easier said than done. There are so many times in life, our emotions muddy the clear waters. We could have dealt with a situation with calmness and clarity. But, the tempestuous emotions can either empower you or mislead you.

Emotions are the driving force behind our actions and reasoning. The way you feel is the way you describe a certain event or person. And so many times, when we need to see a situation clearly, but our involvement, our emotions play havoc with our reasoning. And, when we finally disconnect from the situation, we are able to see everything so clearly! It makes us wonder, why couldn’t we understand something so simple and evident…

That’s where “Detachment” comes into the picture. Detachment does not mean, we cease to care. It means we learn to love, live, care, while disconnecting from the results or consequences of the situation.  Sometimes when our emotions overwhelm us, it’s time to take a break!

Mind your wings

When doubt knocks!!


When doubt knocks, close the doors and the windows

Turn on all the lights that you can focus on your goal

Or, switch off the lights and get into the bed for a good night’s’ sleep! 🙂

If, doubt is still knocking, then get off the bed, take a shower

And take a walk down your memory lane, 

Remember why this goal/thing is important to you

Remember all the hard work , all the battles 

Remember the times you tried diverting, but came back to this road. 

And just for a minute, close your eyes

Feel the joy-contentment of having achieved your goal

Was this worth the trial and the tribulations?

Do not give up because of the delays

Have faith, trust the seed you sowed, nurture it a little more

And the fruits of your labour are just outside your door!!

And Finally, thank doubt for helping you reasses your goal and path.

Sometimes doubt can be a blessing in disguise

As long as it stays just that- a doubt

And helps you strengthen your faith a little more!!

Mind your wings





The Path to Wellness- Understanding Anulom Vilom Pranayam


There’s one quote that has sinked into my subconscious:

“Just Breathe, one inhalation – one exhalation at a time. Form a string of breaths and the magic happens…”

Anulom Vilom Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing exercise is one of the main practices of Pranayama.  It cleanses the pranic channels and balances the two main energy channels – Ida and Pingala thereby balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and it awakens the central channel called Sushumna Nadi.

Lets understand this in simpler language. Any form of deep-conscious breathing is Pranayam. In normal breathing, only one-third of the alveoli(air sacs in the lungs) get oxygen while the remaining remain inactive.As we get older, the inactive alveoli remain full of carbon-dioxide, becoming almost inert and our breathing becomes shortened. In Pranayam as we inhale more oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, our vital lung capacity increases. It helps the lungs in blood purification and improves blood circulation to all the parts of our body.

The ideal ratio in Anulom-Vilom is 1:4:2 (inhale:hold:exhale). We hold the breath for a longer time, as it is difficult to have thoughts when you hold your breath. Besides, our mind is cluttered with thoughts throughout the day, it is in silence that solutions and ideas are formed. We exhale all the toxins and the stress, but we do not prolong it as the rhythm would be broken and our inhalation would be jerky. 

Our goal should be consistency of the rhythm(of our breath). When our breaths are flowing effortlessly, the magic begins… The body recuperates, our minds are filled with tranquility and the soul is rejuvenated!! 

The Happiness Project


Hello Everyone!!

It’s a beautiful day, new month and possibilities ENDLESS!! Something I really believe in is “We are responsible for our own happiness; people, events, goal achieving are just stimulators, but at the end of the day it’s just you”. Another belief I swear by is “Be the best person you can, at any moment and any situation(your best is variable) and love yourself, a lot; As you are going to spend your whole life with you, so love a lot, laugh much more and live every moment”.

Disappointments in life is inevitable, but every time you fall, get back again and again and again, till you feel it’s futile.  Happiness… just the word makes me happy.

Make a long list of everything that makes you happy, it can be something as small as eating pizza or cleaning your cupboard or it can be a hobby or a passion… Anything. Just find an excuse to be happy and celebrate life. Time is flying, stop looking back, stop crashing into walls and doors. This is the most important project and pursuit!!

I can also assure you, that there will be challenges and lows. But let’s’ make an effort to be composed and stand on the edge of joy during the darkest nights. We can dive in when the sun is out, but let’s be prepared already…

Dear April, 2017 starting the most important project of my life : Unconditional Happiness. 🙂 

Mind your wings


What’s a life without a few Risks?


If you want it, Go for it, Take a risk

Don’t play it safe always; You’ll die wondering

Hello everyone!!

Decisions…they are tricky. Some are simple, some require you to take risk. Sometimes our fears, wounds hold us back. But, how long? At what cost? Being cautious is great but refusing to take risks, is like travelling to a beautiful city and staying put in the hotel!!

Courage, faith, perseverance are essential when you put yourself out there. Just like we choose our battles wisely, we need to choose to take risks in our life with equal wisdom.

Personally, I lost on a lot, because I was scared, what if I failed… Guess what I will never know. I am not talking about being impulsive; but having enough faith to take a tough path, as on the other side is my Paradise!! Besides, maybe you don’t want it enough that’s why you are not putting anything at stake or maybe you think you will lose faith and hope if this time you fail. Well, well action is always better than inaction!!

Take a risk, take a chance and you may be surprised what life has to offer!!


Mind your wings

Meet the real you on a bad day!


tumblr_ngt0ivpgx41u1qld9o1_500It’s easy being polite and nice to everyone on a good day!! But, what are you like on a stressful day..? It’s easy being grumpy, rude and sarcastic when everything is going  against you. But thanking the doorman/liftman or smiling back to a stranger or being patient with a loved one having a bad day too, takes a lot of courage and compassion.

It’s how you respond in chaos and stressful situations that reflects the real you. You don’t have to be a wizard or an expert problem solver. You just need to ensure that there is no collateral damage because of your temper or irritation and when someone is being nice to you, you don’t have to be a prick.

It’s easy sharing happiness on a good day. You don’t need to fill the world with joy during the lows; BUT don’t spread the misery around. Be kind to everyone you meet, as everyone has their own battles… 🙂 

Mind your wings