Walk away…


When you are not being treated well; Walk away

When your respect is being tampered on; Walk away

It may hurt for a while,

But, short term pain is better than life time misery

Knowing when to walk away is: Wisdom

 Being able to do it is: Courage

And doing it with dignity: is a BLISS

The road maybe unknown or rocky ahead

But, you can count on your steady footsteps

You may miss the security of familiarity

But, when walking away is a Bliss

Having faith in yourself is the first step when walking away!

Mind your wings


What is your Personal Environment like?

“You are a product of your environment,

Surround yourself with the best”

It is very true that our quality of life depends on our surroundings. Positive people, Believers, Peaceful home environment, Intelligent coworkers, healthy office space, determines a person’s well being .

 So what is your personal environment like? Are there people who make you feel negative, drained out, annoyed or depressed? Then, it is the best to avoid them, ignore them or even better delete them from your personal space, if possible.

It is essential that we surround ourselves with positive energy and positive people. Maintain an environment which keeps you upbeat and positive. Everywhere you go, you will meet people who can lift you or drop you. So, every individual must make a conscious effort to protect their personal space from negative energy, as energy is contagious. Don’t expect positive changes in your life, if your personal environment is filled with complainers, vicious people, constant negativity, highly critical people or anything that disrupts your peace of mind.

But, we cannot control the people or surroundings, there will always be good and bad. So how do we protect our personal environment? 

It starts with us. We need to think positive, give our best in everything we do today, eliminate jealousy, gossip and any ill-will towards other people and focus on the good, inside you and around you. As per the law of attraction, like attracts like. When you radiate positivity and love to everyone or everything around, it will boomerang to you in form of positive people and nourishing environment. 

Thus, the way a gardener protects his land and crops, we all need to protect our thoughts and surroundings. We cannot afford any infestation in our minds or environment or it may become a part of us.  Therefore, a  positive, personal environment is a great builder of peace of mind, self-esteem, encouragement, happiness and victory! 🙂

Finally, do not feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life!!!

Mind your wings while flying in the negative zone of your life 🙂 🙂