Walk away…


When you are not being treated well; Walk away

When your respect is being tampered on; Walk away

It may hurt for a while,

But, short term pain is better than life time misery

Knowing when to walk away is: Wisdom

 Being able to do it is: Courage

And doing it with dignity: is a BLISS

The road maybe unknown or rocky ahead

But, you can count on your steady footsteps

You may miss the security of familiarity

But, when walking away is a Bliss

Having faith in yourself is the first step when walking away!

Mind your wings


Thoughts on turning 30


And I have turned Thirtyyy!!! Happy? Sad? Indifferent is more like it. Age is just a number right…

Honestly, I have been dreading the Big fat 30! It’s so old. I am an aunty…! But secretly, I enjoy being an aunt to my nieces and nephews. They make me love, laugh, play, pout and cherish the small things in life. 🙂 🙂

And my 5 year plan has gone awry. I’m not anywhere near it. On the other hand, life has given me better gifts! I love my offbeat work. I am a better version of myself. I am finally more open and non-judgemental (almost there). And, I try to live, one day at a time. 

Though I missed a couple of things in my 20s. There are so many things I look forward to in my 30s:

  • Continue globe-trotting
  • Fall in love and get married (It may be over rated, but still want to do it 😉 )
  • Learn and Teach different yoga styles
  • Attend music festivals
  • Dress up like a hippie and travel in luxury
  • Attend a rave party…? 
  • Sit in meditation for 60 minutes, without sleeping
  • Be a better version of my current self 
  • Finally, Have babies.. 

Laugh all you want, as its’ rare anyway! (my list is not rare; Laughter is). But again, life is full of surprises. And, I have learnt to be careful of what I wish for! 

There are times, we are so focused on our  plans, that we miss out on life! And, its’ only when we get a jolt, that we start cherishing the things we have. I am absolutely grateful for everything in life. We take so many things for granted. And its’ only when they are slipping or we lose them, that we realize their value.

So Dear 30s, I am already in love with you. We’ll make a great team and looking forward to doing more authentic things in life. 🙂 😉

Mind your wings

How do you know he’s the one??


The slipper fit…

The frog turned into a prince…

The true love’s kiss woke her up…

And they lived happily ever after!!!

Wish it were as simple as fairy tales 🙂

In arranged marriage scenario, one fine day guy meets girl and probably meets a couple of more times. Then the two people are supposed to decide if they want to spend their lives together or not. No pressure. When meeting guys, I have always wondered how do I know he’s the guy for me ??? For years I have been asking this question to the people who want the best for me and have the purest intentions. The answers I get are:

Grandmother: Arrey!! What kind of question is this..? I did not even see or talk to your grandfather till we were married. Marriages are made in heaven… Just trust the lord.

Parents: Just make a list of pros and cons and weigh your options. You can live with a person forever and not know him; and sometimes one moment is enough. Besides, have faith in our choice. We want the best for you 🙂

Older married sister: Babe, it’s a leap of faith you need to take. You jump in the water and you’ll learn to swim.

Friends: Why couldn’t you just date and marry someone from college or work… Now that you’ve found no one. Just marry a decent person, the kind you can be comfortable with:)

Younger siblings: Just marry someone who’s your type!?! And start believing in Love at first sight, for your good 😉

These are helpful for sane-logical people. But what about a few insane people like me? Well, besides having faith in the lord and the well meaning people; Have faith in you. All I can tell you is, you’ll know when it’s right. Falling in love the first time you meet, is rare. But, if you connect to a person, go with the flow. In your heart you’ll know it is right. You maybe surprised that he’s not “Your type” but you both get along, like the house is on fire!! And if you live in confusion or chaos, then it’s time to explore more, inside out. 🙂

“Finally, ask yourself “Am I making the right decision;” Expect an answer and you will be guided!!”

P.S: Please feel free to share any tips and your experiences too!!

Mind your wings


Life as we know it on social media


“Her life is absolutely happening, see her posts and pictures. I wish, I were her.” 


Social media is a wonderful platform to network, meet like minded people, stay connected to your tribe, to showcase your creative work/social issues and social media is faster to word of mouth.

Today, social media has become a platform to show that new dress, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect date, the best trip or the almost perfect life you have. This brag culture has brought out the storyteller in us. We make our lives seem more interesting, than it really is. Secondly, enjoy the meal/sunset/time with friends rather than being busy in taking pictures and posting them online. Savour the moment then and there!

 We also need to realize Social media is about networking not a personal diary. And social media is only a tool not a hobby or something to pursue every time we feel bored or lethargic. 

Social media is more of a popularity contest and you like my picture-I like your pictures platform. Do not let the likes or followers deplete your self worth. Life is not like what it seems on social media. Every person has to face challenges and their fears. Even they have days, where they look like a mess. We all try to put up our best face in front of the world. But behind the screen we all know life is not as glossy and we make it appear to be.


SISTERS: Can’t Live with them, Can’t Live without them!!

SISTERS! It reminds me of laughter, fights, love, care, crying, the longest talking sessions, covering up for each other, sharing your lives, clothes, interests and the highs and lows of life. It is an emotional bond. But others think you both are crazy and the relationship even more complicated!! There are certainly a lot of great things about having a sister, but there are times when she will drive you insane.

Remember all the times she got you into trouble, especially when you both were kids.


And when you share a bathroom. You are ready to go for a bath and this is what you sister looks like:

(She needs to use the bathroom URGENTLY!! )

giphy (7)

Her favourite hobby is embarrassing you 🙂


You are her favourite playmate. She can do almost anything


She may have a different way of expressing love w.r.t you


She gives drama a new dimension.  She will never let your life become dull or boring

 giphy (5)

She is your partner in crime, though she knows better


Don’t ask about the fights….  She’s the reason you stay strong and active.


She may possibly take all the credit for all your hard work in front of your relatives


You’ll never forget the pranks and the crazy fights/laughs you’ve had. And she won’t let you forget it anyway!


She tries her best to encourage you to work, though she is in no mood


And when she is working and you “DISTURB her”, she might just react respond.


Sisters are cross eaters. She has to taste your food, after she finishes her food.


There will be times she might not understand and will drive you INSANE


As much as you may hate her or find her annoying. The fact is you are sisters and potential best friends.


The perks of having a Sister

Your closet becomes double the size


You can play dress up, braid each others hair and try makeup


When people criticize your style or fashion, she will cheer you up!!


There are times, that even as adults, you match your dress!! How cute!!?


The smirk, the look, inside jokes with your sister are the best

giphy (2)

She’ll be your agony aunt and will always give you advice. Even if it tastes like poison


She’s your confidant and she will keep your secrets.
946ffc52186f74e45720be3655db28ebShe’ll be your dancing partner, be it your room or a family function


Sisters: they understand your passion for photography. She’s your selfie partner


But, she will photo bomb all your potential awesome pictures


And to top it, she has a lot of your embarrassing photos and videos


She is your best shopping partner… EVER


But there are times she will pull you along, even though it’s the last thing on Earth you want to do

giphy (6)

And, there are times you will fight for the same clothes.“I saw it first, but I picked it first!!”


She is your movie and T.V partner


But, she might have the habit of telling you what happens next. And you may want to throttle her…


She is always ready to hang around with you.


She is your favourite travel partner. She makes the mundane functions, parties, trips fun too!!

giphy (1)

Even when you are miles apart, she will call You and only You to talk to…


And meeting her after 2 days or 2 months… you are so excited that you might just injure someone


She is the one who will make you laugh till your jaw hurts, eyes water or your bladder goes out of control 🙂


A good sister never lets you do mad/crazy things alone. She accompanies you


With Sisters, you never mature. You will still fight, play and pull pranks on each other.


 You can talk to her forever about anything and everything. No topic is off-limits

Your best relationship advice comes from your sister


One look of her means a thousand words to you. Who said Looks can’t kill


But, if she rolls her eyes or uses one of the dreaded phrases



Then, an argument begins…


And if the arguing goes on, it becomes a fight


And, if that continues, IT IS WAR!!


But, in spite of all this. Sisters always make up and make good


A Sister knows the best when it comes to cheering you up

giphy (4)

But she is also the one who can get you fuming or annoyed in less than a minute


You can be your craziest, goofy, weird with her… She won’t judge you


You can make all those funny faces with her. She understands your cheap thrills 🙂


Good, Bad or Ugly. She’ll always be there for you.

 She doesn’t judge you because she knows what you’ve been through.


Even when no one understands you. She will be there for you.


She will protect you like a tigress, even though you fight like cats n dogs


She’ll still let you in her shell and share her dreams, fears and fantasies


She will understand you like no one else!!!

She’s seen you at your worst and at your best, and she loves you anyway.

And even you think, your world is going to end. She will be there, till the end.


The Travelling Emotions of Sisterhood 🙂 

Getting Married for the wrong reasons…..

  1. All my friends are married and my entire Facebook page is filled with engagement/marriage photos.
  2. I am old enough to be married and to be having babies. 😦
  3. My eggs are getting old and wasted….
  4. My parents want me to get married
  5. My acquaintances, neighbourhood aunty-uncle are always quizzing me about marriage
  6. I have one/two/three younger sisters and I need to make way for them
  7. All the good guys will be taken
  8. I dont’ like being alone, especially on Valentine’s Day
  9. I love SHOPPING, and wedding is a synonym for shopping
  10. I need some excitement in life
  11. My ex moved on, I can do it too….
  12. According to my horoscope if I don’t get married this year, I ll always remain single

“Get Married

Because you want to

Because you found the one

Because you want to spend this lifetime with him/her”