10 things Yoga taught me

When I started my yoga practice, I wanted to be more strong, flexible and calm. Period. I was not looking anything further. But, sometimes the best gifts come in disguise. Yoga taught me lessons that have metamorphosed my life!

Life Lessons Yoga taught me

1. The body, thoughts follow the Breath

Breathe right! It may sound simple or even trivial. But everytime you feel lost, disconnected; Breathe deeper and be aware of the sound and the sensations. It gives you the courage and comfort to keep moving. Just like we use Ujjayi breath to stay in an asana, be aware of your breath to flow through the day!

2. Be present

We are either planning , reviewing, worrying or fantasizing. We are so often caught in the past or future, that we forget to relish the here and now. Yoga without awareness is not yoga! We might do a 108 suryanamaskars with our mind all over the place. But, a mindful 21 suryanamaskars is so much more beneficial to the mind, body and soul! Therefore, use your breath to stay present. 🙂

3. Find your balance

It sounds simple enough to say “you need balance in your life;” But it’s another thing to attain that balance. Yoga teaches us that balance is a result of discipline and perseverance. When we fall off the wagon, we can either wait for the next asana. Or, we decide to get back on the wagon until we succeed. Life plays by the same rules too…

4. Look inside for solutions

I love the quote, “When you change, the whole world around you changes!” “I had a bad day, the mat is slippery, the music is too loud, so on and so forth.” We can either look for everything that is wrong on the outside or you can choose to make your practice better! So often we blaming everything around us. But, maybe we are the sole problem. So look inside, introspect and you will find the best things in life.

5. It’s about the journey, not the destination!

Remember all the times you fell, while trying to get into the headstand. The times worked for a stronger core, that you could get into the headstand. Similarly, life is about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the means and the end is justified!

6. The body has intuition

Your body knows when to stop or take a break. That’s why the lack of flexibility or we get sick. The body knows your limits, so follow it to be injury-free. Similarly, so often our “heart is wrenching” or “there are butterflies in the stomach.” The body has intuition relating to your physical limits and your emotional needs. Value listening to what the body has to say and you will love and be comfortable in your body!

7. How we do one thing is how we do everything

One of the amazing things about yoga, is that similarly to psychotherapy.  People tend to approach their practice in the same way that they approach other areas of their life. Do you eaily give up when you cannot get into an asana? Everytime you faulter in a balance asanas, do you come back easily? For this reason, raise your practice and life becomes easier!

8. We are good at what we do everyday

When we practice a particular asana everyday. We get into that pose perfectly and we can stay there effortlessly. Similarly, practice kindness, courage, respect everyday. And these qualities become a part of you!

9. Your practice is unique

Do what feels best and feels right in your body. This is the same for your life. Accept challenges and your body/life will have a newness to it. What works for another person may not work for you. So design your life, your way!

10. Laugh at your bloopers

Once in a while we might have fallen on our neighbour, while trying to balance. Or your body might have sqeaked, quacked or wheezed. Just laugh it out! Don’t take life too seriously. Smile in an asana and in your daily life. It’s way to short to get embarrased or depressed. 🙂 🙂

I went into yoga for a physical experience and came out with a renewed sense of purpose! There was mental clarity, gratitude, more flexibility for mankind and a different mental process. Who would have thought all that could come from spending sixty minutes on a mat?

Iti Jain

Best Gifts for Men

gifts copy

“The Best gifts come from the heart!!

So a little time, gesture, thought or consideration

Shows him, how special he is !!”

Good news Ladies!! According to a gifts.com survey, of over a 1000 men, showed that men are more appreciative and open-minded to the gifts they receive. So here is a crazy-creative list of all the things you can gift “him”.

Watches in a box

The classic watch as a gift is still one of the most appreciated gift by men. They love watches! And if there are too many, then gift him a Wood crafted or leather watch box.

Where to buy:  Green hills in Commercial street (Bangalore), Giftsbymeeta.com  Personalize: Get a message, his name etched or engraved on the box. Or, go to a jeweller to get his initials etched on the watch.watch


It’s the thing, he will not leave behind! So give him a nice wallet. Be it Tommy Hilfiger, Hidesign or Mont Blanc.

Personalize: The higher end stores will etch his initials or a special date on the wallet. Try happilyunmarried.com for funky wallets. wallet


Did you know that guys take the Axe ads on TV seriously!! They love leaving their fragrance behind. Get them a nice Branded perfume. Try David off, Azzaro, Gucci, Bvlgari; you will be spoilt for choices.


Cocktail glasses

Get him funky glasses for the Boys’ Night in 😉 It can be mugs, fancy or funky  glasses. Personalize: Write your message or phrases of your choice. Where: Fancy chilli, Chumbak, Dotted I, Happily unmarried, Homestop and Hard rock café etc.


Gadgets : essential

Phone:  Nowdays its an extended part of their body. Try the Iphone , Nexus series , Samsung , HTC.. These are the preferred brands.

Tablets: There are a lot of options from the Ipads, to Samsung Galaxy , Lenovo, HTC Nexus and  Dell Tablets.

Ipod: If he is a music junkie Ipod5 3G is the best choice!!

Where to buy: It’s best to buy from the retail store but if you are looking for some great deals try online!

Portable speakers

They are small, great volume, surround sound it can be attached  via bluetooth to your phone, tablet, laptop. My personal favourites  are Bose and JBL. But there are a lot of options, you can choose the funky ones too.


Livescribe Notebook/Smart pen

Handwritten notes instantly appear on your smart phone and tablet.  It easily integrates your notes with the rest of your mobile life – create tasks, reminders, calendar events, contacts and more with just a few taps of your finger.                         Where: It’s available on amazon.in


Customized Gifts

This is a large arena. You can play around, get creative and if you don’t’ have the time; there are people/places who will do it for you. It shows that you went an extra mile to make their day special.

Personalized Buckets: You can fill it with 100 reasons you love/appreciate them, 50 things to do on your birthday/anniversary. You have an idea just fill it in the personalized bucket.

You can also check custom boxes, custom toilet paper  with your message, Custom cushions, bottles, shoe bags, neon bottles, mugs, diary, magazine, life-storybook, cubes, custom chocolates, suitcase, cards, message in a bottle.

Where:Giftsbymeeta.com,  RCcreativei/facebook,  Dotted I, Oyehappy.com, Fancy chilli, Zoroy, Printo

personal copy

Get him a nice Jacket

Invest in something semi-formal or casual and see him wear it when going out!

Where: Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, Giovani, The Collective, Burberry, Diesel.


Take him shopping

If he enjoys shopping as much as girls do,  take him and indulge him with shopping and some lunch. Where: Phoenix Mall, Garuda Mall, Orion Mall, Lifestyle, Shoppers stop are the popular choices in Bangalore.


Spa voucher

We all like getting pampered. So get a nice massage, reflexology, pedi-manicure, acupressure rejuvenation and then sitting in a Jacuzzi. It sounds so inviting. So pamper and refresh him after all the hard work he has put in.

Where: Angsana (UB city), Oryza, Body craft, O2, The Leela Spa; They are really good and totally worth it. In fact they have special packages and you can arrange flowers, love notes and so much more.They are really helpful.  All you need to do is ASK!!spa

Funky Gifts

Let’s surprise him more with crazy-funky gifts. Like a LED whiskey glasses, hangover kit, bar accessories, phone covers, crazy fridge magnets, wall pieces, travel bags and there are so many more options depending on the person’s personality and taste.  Where: Giftease.com, letternote.com, Fancy Chilli  (Bangalore) , Happily unmarried.com

funky copy


Light. Camera. SURPRISE!!

Tring-tring: You can have strangers/friends/family call and give him your messages throughout the day

15 feet of happiness: Have a banner wishing him or giving him a message, anywhere in the city.

You have got mail: The old-fashioned mailbox filled with messages from his loved ones!

Radio surprise: Dedicate a radio show to him!

Rent a Limo/luxury car:  plan a dinner date and let him feel like a king

Treasure hunt: on his free day which leads to gifts which is an assortment of the above.

Theatre surprise:  You can play a 15 seconds video or a message flashing for 15 seconds, right before the movie starts. Take all your loved ones and make it real special for him.

Cards story: Get him 25 cards on his 25th birthday, which tells his life story. Take some time, visit Archies, Hallmarks and connect these 25 cards to make him feel special.

Where: Oyehappy.com, Rcreativei, Shrushthi travels (Bangalore)

surprise copy

Gifts are a great way of showing him, that he is loved, appreciated and cherished. It’s not the price, just the thought and effort you have put in, to ensure that he wears a huge smile and is filled with joy and love. 🙂 🙂

“Sow a little love, coins n effort

Watch the tree of love-life-relationships Blossom”