When doubt knocks!!


When doubt knocks, close the doors and the windows

Turn on all the lights that you can focus on your goal

Or, switch off the lights and get into the bed for a good night’s’ sleep! 🙂

If, doubt is still knocking, then get off the bed, take a shower

And take a walk down your memory lane, 

Remember why this goal/thing is important to you

Remember all the hard work , all the battles 

Remember the times you tried diverting, but came back to this road. 

And just for a minute, close your eyes

Feel the joy-contentment of having achieved your goal

Was this worth the trial and the tribulations?

Do not give up because of the delays

Have faith, trust the seed you sowed, nurture it a little more

And the fruits of your labour are just outside your door!!

And Finally, thank doubt for helping you reasses your goal and path.

Sometimes doubt can be a blessing in disguise

As long as it stays just that- a doubt

And helps you strengthen your faith a little more!!

Mind your wings





The Path to Wellness- Understanding Anulom Vilom Pranayam


There’s one quote that has sinked into my subconscious:

“Just Breathe, one inhalation – one exhalation at a time. Form a string of breaths and the magic happens…”

Anulom Vilom Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing exercise is one of the main practices of Pranayama.  It cleanses the pranic channels and balances the two main energy channels – Ida and Pingala thereby balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and it awakens the central channel called Sushumna Nadi.

Lets understand this in simpler language. Any form of deep-conscious breathing is Pranayam. In normal breathing, only one-third of the alveoli(air sacs in the lungs) get oxygen while the remaining remain inactive.As we get older, the inactive alveoli remain full of carbon-dioxide, becoming almost inert and our breathing becomes shortened. In Pranayam as we inhale more oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, our vital lung capacity increases. It helps the lungs in blood purification and improves blood circulation to all the parts of our body.

The ideal ratio in Anulom-Vilom is 1:4:2 (inhale:hold:exhale). We hold the breath for a longer time, as it is difficult to have thoughts when you hold your breath. Besides, our mind is cluttered with thoughts throughout the day, it is in silence that solutions and ideas are formed. We exhale all the toxins and the stress, but we do not prolong it as the rhythm would be broken and our inhalation would be jerky. 

Our goal should be consistency of the rhythm(of our breath). When our breaths are flowing effortlessly, the magic begins… The body recuperates, our minds are filled with tranquility and the soul is rejuvenated!! 

I fall in love with you everyday!


Hello everyone!!

Training as a professional in Yoga has been mind-blowing (in a good way). First of all, Yoga is so much more than exercise or a mode of toning up. Secondly, yoga is much more than the aesthetics, as social media is being flooded with fancy – glamorous photos. Finally, yoga is not limited to exercise or breathing. So what is yoga..?

Yoga is holistic. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is a choice to live in awareness. It is a connection between you and your energy. Yoga is the modal which makes you fall in love with your body! Finally, it becomes a medium through which you can express yourself.

There are days when I feel battered emotionally, those are the days I need Yoga more. The days I miss my daily dose of exercise, I want to get back to my mat more. The experience is exhilarating. I fall in love with Yoga again and again and again. And as I teach a certain group of people, I just want them to feel a similar exhilaration and become healthy inside-out. Teaching has been phenomenal, I feel a certain stillness and that is reflected in the classes. Finally, I have a passion that gets me out of the bed on the coldest days or the sleepless nights, as I know everything gets better when I am on my mat!! 🙂 🙂 

Mind your wings


The Luxury of Silence



The world has become a cacophony (mixture of incessant sounds) 

Finding silence, alone time and leisure is a luxury.

Blessed are those who have time for themselves

Blessed are those who can contemplate and work in silence!

There is no time to sit and stare

There is no place where you can be absolutely aware.

With every breath I take, I know I am still there

But so often I am caught in my own despair

In these times, all one wants is silence.

They say Silence illuminates the soul

Silence ends the inner dialogue after a while.

It is in this silence I can hear the wind rustle and the birds singing

Silence is my solace where I find all the answers

Silence is my happy place where the best ideas are born

Silence is my cocoon where my soul detoxifies!!

I may get lost in all the noises around me

But, Dear Silence I will always find…

Mind your wings

How do you know he’s the one??


The slipper fit…

The frog turned into a prince…

The true love’s kiss woke her up…

And they lived happily ever after!!!

Wish it were as simple as fairy tales 🙂

In arranged marriage scenario, one fine day guy meets girl and probably meets a couple of more times. Then the two people are supposed to decide if they want to spend their lives together or not. No pressure. When meeting guys, I have always wondered how do I know he’s the guy for me ??? For years I have been asking this question to the people who want the best for me and have the purest intentions. The answers I get are:

Grandmother: Arrey!! What kind of question is this..? I did not even see or talk to your grandfather till we were married. Marriages are made in heaven… Just trust the lord.

Parents: Just make a list of pros and cons and weigh your options. You can live with a person forever and not know him; and sometimes one moment is enough. Besides, have faith in our choice. We want the best for you 🙂

Older married sister: Babe, it’s a leap of faith you need to take. You jump in the water and you’ll learn to swim.

Friends: Why couldn’t you just date and marry someone from college or work… Now that you’ve found no one. Just marry a decent person, the kind you can be comfortable with:)

Younger siblings: Just marry someone who’s your type!?! And start believing in Love at first sight, for your good 😉

These are helpful for sane-logical people. But what about a few insane people like me? Well, besides having faith in the lord and the well meaning people; Have faith in you. All I can tell you is, you’ll know when it’s right. Falling in love the first time you meet, is rare. But, if you connect to a person, go with the flow. In your heart you’ll know it is right. You maybe surprised that he’s not “Your type” but you both get along, like the house is on fire!! And if you live in confusion or chaos, then it’s time to explore more, inside out. 🙂

“Finally, ask yourself “Am I making the right decision;” Expect an answer and you will be guided!!”

P.S: Please feel free to share any tips and your experiences too!!

Mind your wings


Do you think everyone is doing the best they can?


Hello everyone!!

I recently read “Rising Strong by Brene Brown.” It is a thought riveting book. And, she raised this question to everyone “Do you think everyone is doing the best they can?” This got me thinking, a lot! My first reaction was “No ways… a very few people are giving their best, most of the people on their worst behaviour. Look around, you’ll see too many people fighting, pulling down each other, neglecting their loved ones and being a bad version of themselves. It’s just too much stress and pressure.”

Since then, I’ve been trying to see the world through other people’s perspective. And, I ve been introspecting my own behaviour. So finally, I think that people are doing their best, as per their circumstances, experiences and resources. It’s just that some people have been scarred too often and they’ve either built walls around them or they are always ready with ammunition. But, we need to know that everyone has their own battles to fight, which sometimes results in collateral damage. Just like a vicious circle, there is a virtuous circle; Be kind to everyone you meet, give your best at any point of time and the seeds of kindness will blossom into a happy place for all of us!

But, I would love to know your thoughts…Do share them!

Mind your wings

Hero your Story!!


I know somewhere in the darkness
There’s a story meant for me
Where I always know exactly what to say
I know somewhere some surprising ending
Waits for me to tell it my own way

Be the hero of your story if you can
Be the champion in the fight
Not just the man
Don’t depend on other people
To put paper next to pen
Be the hero of your story, boy, and then
You can rise to be the hero once again

Our lives are a story in progress. There’s love, romance, drama, thrilling experiences, ambition, tragedy and happiness. The thing is, if you don’t take responsibility for your experiences and emotions; then someone else will. And then you won’t have ownership of your life or story!

There are a lot of people who will come into your life. Some will teach you lessons and a lot of them will guide and love you. They are a part of your story  but don’t let them decide your story. All our stories are unique and every author has their own style and perspective.

If all the stories had the same beginning, learnings and end; we would stop reading them. Their significance would decrease. But, in an array of stories and characters, we connect to some experiences and find solace that we are not alone. And it gives us more courage to take the pen and write your own story!

Mind your wings

Breaking the chains of Perfection


I’ve tried being perfect for too long

It’s fulfilling; but it’s exhausting for the body and soul

The approval and affection is an addiction

BUT. But the spirit feels chained and gnawed!

And when the spirit breaks the chains of Perfection

The flaws begin to surface, they appear monstrous

BUT. But something in me felt free…

Free to be judged, accepted, loved or abhorred.

Free to be me. The unabridged-imperfect me.

Making mistakes is better than being imprisoned by perfection!

You cannot expand a perfect person

But, the flawed person has so much to learn, improve and explore!

AND, once you learn to love and live with the flawed you

You will be surprised that you still have the affection 🙂

Mind your wings



Wellness Inside Out


Wellness is so much more than exercise and diet. Wellness is when your body, breath and mind resonate with each other. Let’s not bound wellness to that one hour of exercise, let’s practice it every waking moment and pledge to sleep well and to start afresh every morning.

Yoga shapes your body, but more importantly it  shapes your life too. The groundwork for happiness is health; and a healthy outside begins from the inside. This World Health Day (7th April) let’s resolve to take the necessary steps to be healthy inside out.

As the pink moon(Purnima- full moon night) is coming, let’s take a Sankalp to have nourishing thoughts, eat fresh, work out and make mindfulness a part of our lives.

Happy World Health Day 🙂 🙂


Let the Metamorphosis give you wings!!


“What if the pain and change you are avoiding, is the one that will give you wings!”


Hello everyone!!

My journey has been that metamorphosis of the butterfly; born in a cocoon, had to face challenges and transformed into a better person who loves life more and is in sync with everything around. But I promise you, in the midst of the process, I did not see the greater good and all the Dr Freud’s giving me advice, annoyed me a lot. 

Every individual going through transformation, where the transition is to polish yourself, change your perspective, become more warm; then, small adjustments are not enough. It is a revolution, where you resolve to ascend your living and every single effort makes the process successful. Many a times, transformation is about unlearning than learning; letting go rather than holding on; accepting rather than revolting; exploring rather than being lost. 

Metamorphosis is not about being perfect or as good as the other person, it’s about being the best version of yourself, in the given situation with the available resources. And you will know that the process is complete when you can smile at your reflection, when compassion comes easily to you and when you can hold your chin up, when the world is staring down at you. 🙂 🙂

Mind your wings