Hero your Story!!


I know somewhere in the darkness
There’s a story meant for me
Where I always know exactly what to say
I know somewhere some surprising ending
Waits for me to tell it my own way

Be the hero of your story if you can
Be the champion in the fight
Not just the man
Don’t depend on other people
To put paper next to pen
Be the hero of your story, boy, and then
You can rise to be the hero once again

Our lives are a story in progress. There’s love, romance, drama, thrilling experiences, ambition, tragedy and happiness. The thing is, if you don’t take responsibility for your experiences and emotions; then someone else will. And then you won’t have ownership of your life or story!

There are a lot of people who will come into your life. Some will teach you lessons and a lot of them will guide and love you. They are a part of your story  but don’t let them decide your story. All our stories are unique and every author has their own style and perspective.

If all the stories had the same beginning, learnings and end; we would stop reading them. Their significance would decrease. But, in an array of stories and characters, we connect to some experiences and find solace that we are not alone. And it gives us more courage to take the pen and write your own story!

Mind your wings

Breaking the chains of Perfection


I’ve tried being perfect for too long

It’s fulfilling; but it’s exhausting for the body and soul

The approval and affection is an addiction

BUT. But the spirit feels chained and gnawed!

And when the spirit breaks the chains of Perfection

The flaws begin to surface, they appear monstrous

BUT. But something in me felt free…

Free to be judged, accepted, loved or abhorred.

Free to be me. The unabridged-imperfect me.

Making mistakes is better than being imprisoned by perfection!

You cannot expand a perfect person

But, the flawed person has so much to learn, improve and explore!

AND, once you learn to love and live with the flawed you

You will be surprised that you still have the affection 🙂

Mind your wings



Wellness Inside Out


Wellness is so much more than exercise and diet. Wellness is when your body, breath and mind resonate with each other. Let’s not bound wellness to that one hour of exercise, let’s practice it every waking moment and pledge to sleep well and to start afresh every morning.

Yoga shapes your body, but more importantly it  shapes your life too. The groundwork for happiness is health; and a healthy outside begins from the inside. This World Health Day (7th April) let’s resolve to take the necessary steps to be healthy inside out.

As the pink moon(Purnima- full moon night) is coming, let’s take a Sankalp to have nourishing thoughts, eat fresh, work out and make mindfulness a part of our lives.

Happy World Health Day 🙂 🙂


Let the Metamorphosis give you wings!!


“What if the pain and change you are avoiding, is the one that will give you wings!”


Hello everyone!!

My journey has been that metamorphosis of the butterfly; born in a cocoon, had to face challenges and transformed into a better person who loves life more and is in sync with everything around. But I promise you, in the midst of the process, I did not see the greater good and all the Dr Freud’s giving me advice, annoyed me a lot. 

Every individual going through transformation, where the transition is to polish yourself, change your perspective, become more warm; then, small adjustments are not enough. It is a revolution, where you resolve to ascend your living and every single effort makes the process successful. Many a times, transformation is about unlearning than learning; letting go rather than holding on; accepting rather than revolting; exploring rather than being lost. 

Metamorphosis is not about being perfect or as good as the other person, it’s about being the best version of yourself, in the given situation with the available resources. And you will know that the process is complete when you can smile at your reflection, when compassion comes easily to you and when you can hold your chin up, when the world is staring down at you. 🙂 🙂

Mind your wings

The Happiness Project


Hello Everyone!!

It’s a beautiful day, new month and possibilities ENDLESS!! Something I really believe in is “We are responsible for our own happiness; people, events, goal achieving are just stimulators, but at the end of the day it’s just you”. Another belief I swear by is “Be the best person you can, at any moment and any situation(your best is variable) and love yourself, a lot; As you are going to spend your whole life with you, so love a lot, laugh much more and live every moment”.

Disappointments in life is inevitable, but every time you fall, get back again and again and again, till you feel it’s futile.  Happiness… just the word makes me happy.

Make a long list of everything that makes you happy, it can be something as small as eating pizza or cleaning your cupboard or it can be a hobby or a passion… Anything. Just find an excuse to be happy and celebrate life. Time is flying, stop looking back, stop crashing into walls and doors. This is the most important project and pursuit!!

I can also assure you, that there will be challenges and lows. But let’s’ make an effort to be composed and stand on the edge of joy during the darkest nights. We can dive in when the sun is out, but let’s be prepared already…

Dear April, 2017 starting the most important project of my life : Unconditional Happiness. 🙂 

Mind your wings


“Fill what’s empty and Empty what’s full”


I think we all know the feeling, where we are neither happy nor sad, just a void that fills our heart. We can fill our days with work, people, laughter and hobbies. But, that void is the achilles heel that can falter our movements or our lives. It’s’ a thorn that we need to remove, rather than cushioning it or using a bandage. When you try to fill the void with noise, it leaves an eerie silence, but when you become more aware of it, that void fills you with something deeper!

When you don’t know what to think,

When you don’t know what to feel,

When you don’t know what to do,


Let the divine seep in, to fill the void..

-Dean Jackson


Only time will tell


When we look back at the decisions we took, people we chose, mistakes we made, opportunities we grabbed, friends we made, hobbies we invested in; there are proud moments and a couple of  moments that send a chill down your spine.

But, there is also a third category, those things which were supposed to be awesome but in hindsight, it reflects badly on you. It’s not regret, it’s not disdain, it’s something in between. It taught us a lot, but we don’t like that former person. So what happened?

With time, we all grow-change-evolve. Sometimes we can look at our blunders in the eye, sometimes they are too painful, especially because there is no rectifying them. Even worse when you realize the amount of chaos you invited and the unnecessary battles you fought.

The silver lining to this is, the fact that your journey has made you a better person. The chaos has built more character. Only time will tell, if the time was well spent!!!

Mind your wings