The Happiness Project


Hello Everyone!!

It’s a beautiful day, new month and possibilities ENDLESS!! Something I really believe in is “We are responsible for our own happiness; people, events, goal achieving are just stimulators, but at the end of the day it’s just you”. Another belief I swear by is “Be the best person you can, at any moment and any situation(your best is variable) and love yourself, a lot; As you are going to spend your whole life with you, so love a lot, laugh much more and live every moment”.

Disappointments in life is inevitable, but every time you fall, get back again and again and again, till you feel it’s futile.  Happiness… just the word makes me happy.

Make a long list of everything that makes you happy, it can be something as small as eating pizza or cleaning your cupboard or it can be a hobby or a passion… Anything. Just find an excuse to be happy and celebrate life. Time is flying, stop looking back, stop crashing into walls and doors. This is the most important project and pursuit!!

I can also assure you, that there will be challenges and lows. But let’s’ make an effort to be composed and stand on the edge of joy during the darkest nights. We can dive in when the sun is out, but let’s be prepared already…

Dear April, 2017 starting the most important project of my life : Unconditional Happiness. 🙂 

Mind your wings



  1. Yogi's space · April 2

    fabulous picture and fabulous article!!


  2. anotetohuguette · April 2

    The sun is shining and after reading your inspiring words, I’m ready for anything!


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