Only time will tell


When we look back at the decisions we took, people we chose, mistakes we made, opportunities we grabbed, friends we made, hobbies we invested in; there are proud moments and a couple of  moments that send a chill down your spine.

But, there is also a third category, those things which were supposed to be awesome but in hindsight, it reflects badly on you. It’s not regret, it’s not disdain, it’s something in between. It taught us a lot, but we don’t like that former person. So what happened?

With time, we all grow-change-evolve. Sometimes we can look at our blunders in the eye, sometimes they are too painful, especially because there is no rectifying them. Even worse when you realize the amount of chaos you invited and the unnecessary battles you fought.

The silver lining to this is, the fact that your journey has made you a better person. The chaos has built more character. Only time will tell, if the time was well spent!!!

Mind your wings



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