Meet the real you on a bad day!


tumblr_ngt0ivpgx41u1qld9o1_500It’s easy being polite and nice to everyone on a good day!! But, what are you like on a stressful day..? It’s easy being grumpy, rude and sarcastic when everything is going  against you. But thanking the doorman/liftman or smiling back to a stranger or being patient with a loved one having a bad day too, takes a lot of courage and compassion.

It’s how you respond in chaos and stressful situations that reflects the real you. You don’t have to be a wizard or an expert problem solver. You just need to ensure that there is no collateral damage because of your temper or irritation and when someone is being nice to you, you don’t have to be a prick.

It’s easy sharing happiness on a good day. You don’t need to fill the world with joy during the lows; BUT don’t spread the misery around. Be kind to everyone you meet, as everyone has their own battles… 🙂 

Mind your wings

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