When it finally sinks in: The final acceptance


Choices are made. Decisions are taken. Consequences are borne. So much happens.. Sometimes, we are persistent or stubborn. When we find a dead end, we may think success lies on the other side of the wall. We try climbing it or breaking our heads on that wall, we rest, we resume, we take a few steps back but come back to familiarity. And then that final moment, where it sinks in that we need to find another path or reassess our goal.

The same might happen when you start a venture, are facing a choicepoint in a relationship or in any facet of your life. We hold onto a lost cause, case or person. This happens because it’s very important in our lives or we still have hope. This is not about letting go or accepting failure. It’s about acceptance to what has happened; It is that time frame from when you know, to when you think you have released to that final moment that it will never be the same. It has happened. Period.

It can be an emotional journey; but like we know, anything that does not kill us or make us completely insane, makes us stronger-wiser or more humane. The final acceptance, where we let go of any resistance and remorse and look ahead or take a quick look back and pave out a new way. It happens, but you never know how long or how curvy your journey is….

Change happens everyday…But you may never notice or when you do see it, it’s too late to do anything about it; All we can do is, to accept it and let it sink in.

Mind your wings

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