Let’s do our bit in educating the lesser privileged!!


Hello Everyone..

Karma Yogathon is back!! This is an effort by Total yoga to put ten kids (from Vidya foundation), through one year of education.These kids are the first set in their families to get educated. For them, education is a luxury. But, a small effort on our part gives them the biggest opportunity in their lives, to mould a better living.

Karma Yogathon travels through Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi, where everyone comes together, practices yoga and makes a contribution toward the kids’ fees. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. So every person, every rupee, every suryanamaskar matters. 

Why always wait for others to make a difference in our society? Let’s do our part and sow the seeds of education, so that every child is entitled to their basic rights. Every action of ours is manifested and this creates ripples in the entire society.

For more details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/328923674171474/


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