The thin line between much and too much


Very often we hear there is a thin line between being confident and arrogant, genius and insane, passion and obsession, firm and stubborn, love and hate, self-love and selfish, so on and so forth. So how do we know, how much is too much? How do we know when to stop? Is it the same for people with different personalities in varying situations…..So how much is too much?

Is it too much when people start complaining? Maybe not. In different cultures, homes, families, the norms are different. The thin line has been crossed when you are not at peace with yourself and everyone around you. You start becoming irritable easily, take rash decisions, get very angry with everyone, when things don’t go your way. And anything that makes you feel like you are sitting on ticking time bomb ready to ignite…

Basically, in your heart and head you will know, you have gone overboard. You are rocking everyone’s boat and on the verge of toppling yourself.  Of course we all have valid-logical reasons for being a certain way.

But, just think about it, throughout your life; there is one person you constantly live with, are answerable to, laugh-cry with; and that person is “YOU.” So you need to impartially draw the line for you!! Make your life easier and make your conscience lighter. Your loved one’s, peers, friends can guide you, but you decide when it’s too much. You know it when you cross that thin line to toooo much!!

Mind your wings



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