A Letter to my Fears



There is so much to tell you, I don’t know where to begin. Well, let me first tell you that a few of you were  illusionary, some exaggerated and some under estimated. I was naive, immature and too scared to make the right choices. Thus, I let you control my decisions, relationships and choices. It made me meek and added a lot of chaos into my life.

I know, “The best way to let go of  your fears is to face them, head on!!” I played hide and seek, I ran away from you. Every time I peeked, you looked bigger and scarier. And in hindsight I realize, if I had faced you when you were little, life would have been easier. But, I did not have enough courage. You became fierce and at a certain point you were omnipotent…

I was left with no choice but to face the deepest-darkest monsters in my head. You almost broke me.. But, it was only then I built a new life, a new me. You were the most challenging teacher.

Today, I want to thank you for making me courageous and wise. There are times, I am still scared. But, as soon as I sense you, I start preparing our meeting at the earliest! No more monsters in my head or my room.

Love, Me.


  1. Maria · February 10, 2017

    Underneath your greatest fear you find your strength.


  2. lamarrwenrich · April 30

    Love this! 😊 it’s hard but soooo amazing to let go of our fears


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