The Biggest Battles


The Biggest battles are not fought with emperors or nations

The Biggest battles are those, that are fought alone

They take the form of fears, insecurities, addictions

And sometimes of dreams and wishes, that are hard to attain.

They sneak towards you, when you are vulnerable

They will tear the walls of peace and happiness

They are very good with illusions

Just when their hold is getting weaker

They will ploy to make your new goals, new life seen empty and worthless.

They will tempt you, trick you and persuade you

They are masters in disguise!

It is the greatest battle fought, in the inner chambers of your soul.

Remember that harder the battle, sweeter the victory

Know the enemy, but know yourself better

Have faith in your strength and resilience 

It may defeat you, but it cannot break your spirit.

In every defeat lies a stronger you

Victory will come 

After making a story worthwhile telling and inspiring..

Mind your wings







  1. Vilina Christoph · January 21, 2017

    Love it! It sounds so familiar.. Beautiful writing ❤


  2. thelovetestimony · January 27, 2017

    So true! And the biggest world impacting victory, is the ones inside of us, because then we find out who we really are! And we can change this world!


  3. lamarrwenrich · April 30

    We are found in our battles
    Great write up 😊


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