Looking at Life through tinted glasses

Hello everyone,


I have had some wonderful experiences, places which took my breath away and people who continue inspiring me. And I was eager to share them with my loved ones, but their perception of that same place/event/person was very different to mine. What made me happy, ecstatic or compassionate was met with indifference or mere pleasure. And what moved their world failed to catch my attention. It’s then I realized that we all have different perceptions, feelings and things that motivate us or make us happy.

This is how life works! We all, are wearing tinted glasses and we all see the same things very differently. Our beliefs, values, attitude, likes-dislikes colour our impression about almost everything.  We all may be going to the same place through the same path, but we have different milestones, obstacles and views. We have a unique journey marked for us.

Thus, we can share what inspires us or makes us happy. But to each, his own. Respecting these differences can make life easy and appreciating other people’s effort can be very fulfilling.

Mind your Wings


  1. Nisthur Anadi · November 24, 2016

    Indeed very true. Loved each word , every sentence. Thanks for sharing.


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