Listen to your Inner voice


You don’t need reason. You just know it!! In your silent moments you hear a voice whisper in your head. When doing something that’s bad/harmful for you, your body gives you all the signals and your mind sends SOS. It happens to all of us, call it gut, instinct, hunch or sixth sense.

Often, when we have the right information, your mind takes over. You start reasoning, searching for logic and basically you collect all the information to negate that inner voice.

But, trust me, that voice is always right. I have had the experience of not listening to my instinct and I have paid highly for it. Of Course, I was shown logic, sense and all those bad reasons for not listening to my inner voice. As a result of not following my gut, I have to bear the consequences and in the process I hurt the people I wanted to protect. Super irony. 

Anyway, cut the losses, learn the lessons and move on. I am sharing this with all of you, that you choose the right action. Even when the whole world, including your loved ones, the people who know you in and out tell you to trust them, believe your mind… Listen to your inner voice. Praying is speaking to the Lord and that inner voice is him speaking to you. Most of all, if you can forgive others, have the heart to forgive yourself too 🙂

Mind your wings



  1. Yu/stan/kema · October 27, 2016

    Very good post.


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