Stop Living in your mind and Start living in the present!!


“What a freak, only if I had been there, I want to eat and sleep without having to do any work.. God! when will he stop yapping, The next time she points out about my communication skills I am going to…….”

On and on goes the mind chatters. It’s always about what could have been done or what can I do or what’s going to happen or our favourite What if??

We are so busy talking to ourselves, recreating situations, fretting about tomorrow, repeating an ugly fight or a romantic dinner and…. STOP!!! What about now, what about being appreciative of our today, what about just living in the here and now.

Let me be clear, we need to set aside an hour to review goals, strategies and plan our holidays/parties. Then, we need to set an intent to focus and enjoy what we are doing or what is! But the incessant chatter in our heads keeps us off balance and distracted.

You know, the best ideas comes when our mind is silent or when we are 100% enjoying something that we are finally able to hear that million dollar solution or idea. It’s all about being present and keeping the chatter-mind on mute.

Get out of your head, let it relax and for us, we need to be more mindful. Remember, the things that make you real happy- painting, singing, playing the piano, running or dancing. These are the moments when all the worries, planning are out of your head and you are just relishing the present. You are so focused and happy, that nothing can distract you easily.

“The world is so much more bigger to our brain

Stop living in your head and Live in the now!”


  1. allangilmour · September 29, 2016

    Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself totally agree with your post. An enjoyable read and a good reminder for us all.
    Sir Winston would like to mention a quote:-
    “You can´t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future”.
    My two furry friends and I thought this quote appropriate to your post.
    Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and a big thank you from myself. 🙂


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