Pitter patter Teardrops


Ok, so we are feeling hurt and disappointed 

Smile has come over to give me strength

But Tears is too overwhelmed and decides to visit the same time

I look funny, I’m trying to smile, cry and look strong at the same time

But Tears has a mind of its own

It will threaten to spill in front of everyone

But once I am alone it either vanishes or it floods my pillow and bedsheet.

The days I hold my tears back, others call me strong but I’m withering inside

And the days I let them flow, I’m a baby but after the tears dry I am deep asleep

Tears can be exhausting, draining — but they also release all the pent up emotions

I feel free. I feel more like the happy go lucky me.

Despite all, its my tears who know my fears, my dreams

They know the people who made me happy and those who made me stronger

When I am all alone, their warmth is the only consolation I have.

We all have our share of tears

But sometimes just accepting them can make us more resilient.

And the times I am so happy or laughing out loud

Tears come and visit me which fills me with gratitude for those moments!!

Mind your wings



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