Pocketful of Sunshine


Good morning everyone!!

Rise and Shine šŸ™‚ Ok you may find early morning chatter obnoxious. But the silence, beauty and freshest air is a luxury. I used to hate waking up early. Period. Of Course, school, college, job, extracurricular activities got us waking up early and getting ready in haze. I remember taking my bath with my eyes closed as a kid, hoping I could get a quick nap and as an adult I remember snoozing my alarm and taking the shortest shower a human can possibly take to catch up on 10 minutes of sleep.Ā 

And recently, I discovered the pure joy and serenity of waking up with the sunrise. Its beautiful. I love the fresh wind on my face, I try to absorb the early morning sunshine and I love that my lungs are being rejuvenated with fresh oxygen. The cherry on the cake is the silence. Not the eerie silence, but the serene silence with the wind rustling and the birds singing. Wow… You can still wake up early and not appreciate any of this.. but one day when the beauty of it takes your breath away, that is the day you will be self-motivated to wake up early and bathe your senses with the sunrise.

“You need to discover the pleasure for yourself to be able to indulge in it again and again”





  1. Goin' the extra...aaamile · September 21, 2016

    Waking up early and going for a walk…even better! The air is pure, there’s perfect silence and it feels sooooooooo goooooooood


  2. Johanna Rosberg · October 1, 2016

    Early mornings are the best thing ever – few things are as beautiful and calming. The best part is the silence and the stillness, and being there to watch as the world and everything in it starts waking up šŸ™‚


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