Life as we know it on social media


“Her life is absolutely happening, see her posts and pictures. I wish, I were her.” 


Social media is a wonderful platform to network, meet like minded people, stay connected to your tribe, to showcase your creative work/social issues and social media is faster to word of mouth.

Today, social media has become a platform to show that new dress, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect date, the best trip or the almost perfect life you have. This brag culture has brought out the storyteller in us. We make our lives seem more interesting, than it really is. Secondly, enjoy the meal/sunset/time with friends rather than being busy in taking pictures and posting them online. Savour the moment then and there!

 We also need to realize Social media is about networking not a personal diary. And social media is only a tool not a hobby or something to pursue every time we feel bored or lethargic. 

Social media is more of a popularity contest and you like my picture-I like your pictures platform. Do not let the likes or followers deplete your self worth. Life is not like what it seems on social media. Every person has to face challenges and their fears. Even they have days, where they look like a mess. We all try to put up our best face in front of the world. But behind the screen we all know life is not as glossy and we make it appear to be.


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