Lets get high together!



A lot of people drink or smoke to get high. Then, there are people who run, exercise, practice yoga, dance to get high.And I happen to be in the latter group. I practice yoga religiously. It makes me sweat and above all I feel a sense of tranquility. I feel connected to the nature especially.

Similarly, my best friend is a runner. She beats the blues with running. She loves challenging herself, she loves the wind on her face and above all she feels absolutely recharged and peaceful after a run.

Though running and yoga are two opposite ends of the spectrum, they are absolutely complementary. The aim is to BE YOUR BREATH, overcome the self induced stress, get fitter and to feel the high-ecstasy during or after the session.

Some experiences cannot be shared, they need to be felt. So challenge yourself, Stretch-Run-Yoga and you will surprise yourself!! You need to taste it and you will develop the taste for it.. For some it’s the way of life. For me it’s the only way I know 🙂 

Mind your wings


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