Be your knight in shining armour


We all are troubled and lonely at times

We’ve seen the highs and lows of life

We’ve are the species that build a support system

It is nice stepping forward and helping any soul

It is nice sharing a smile with the stranger with sad eyes

But, you may not get this back

And its OK

We can choose to be the damsels in distress

And have the courage to be your own knight in shining armour

People can help, advise and motivate you

In the end, you have to rely on your own strength and determination

You have to be wise to choose your battles

And even more wise, while selecting your support system

Even in the darkest moment remember, you still have the human spirit

And the human spirit is resilient and miraculous

So be your knight in shining armour

Stop waiting for another one

When you help yourself

The whole universe will work to help you

It will send the right people at the right time!!

Mind your wings

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