What takes your breath away


The splendour of the nature or the different shades of the seasons

The contagious laughter of a baby or the innocence in their eyes

A walk down the lush path or a run through the city streets

The high energy while dancing at a party or serenity of being home with your loved ones!

There are no two ways about it…

You just need to have things, people, hobbies, or moments which take your breath away

Life is forever happening, but let’s choose to LIVE

Let’s wake up everyday and look forward to the new experiences or just the joy of Being

There will be days when there is no breathing room or time or enthusiasm

But, that’s just a chance to appreciate all the great days and

Everything that takes your breath away!!

Let everything or everyone that takes your breath away sink into you

They will give you the courage to get through the rough times!!

We all are nomads, let’s not drift though our life, let’s be excited about it

Appreciate. Enjoy. Savour. Gratitude.

For everything that makes feel anything close to JOY or LOVE

Mind your wings


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