Me before You


I put Me before You

I couldn’t handle “ME” any longer ,I put Me before you

We all need to survive when the emotions are pulling us down

I felt battered too often, I put Me before You

I know you well enough, to feel your hurt

But, I did what I needed to keep afloat 

Relationships can get difficult, but ours was drowning

I hurt you, but I hurt me more

But, I keep reminding myself short term pain is better than long term suffering.

Beneath the wounds, I have protected the most beautiful memories of us

There’s a part of you that I will carry in my heart

I am learning to live, love, laugh again

I hope you are doing the same

And sometimes, all I want is, just one glance to see if you’re ok

My eyes keep searching for you in your favourite hangouts

On the other hand, I don’t know how you will react to seeing me

But just know that, I always wish you well

Mind your wings


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