Why PAIN can be good and productive..


Hello everyone!!

I have been doing Yoga for one year now and just for some refreshment, I tried Pilates.. And my body still hurts, I feel the pain and I can see myself stretch a little more, hold on the plank a little longer and I feel so good!!! 

When you shock your body with a new workout routine, your muscles feel the new intensity and the fat is converted to muscles, which is further toned up. So, this pain is GOOD, it makes you fitter and helps your body be more flexible, agile and string.

Similarly, pain must be used productively in life. You were hurt, looked down on or whatever it is. The pain must help you transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. But, don’t let it break you. Pain is great motivation to change your bad habits, addictions or make an effort to inculcate good values.

Its betrayal that helps you move away from toxic people, its failure that motivates you to study/work better, it’s the loss of a loved one that makes you cherish and nurture your other relationships better. So always remember, you can either wallow in your pain or make it a stepping stone. 

There will be times you feel broken, but remember it’s upto you, to get up, pick up the broken pieces and mend yourself.

“Pain doesn’t just show up in our lives for no reason

It’s a sign that something in our lives NEEDS to be changed”


Mind your wings


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