It’s Ok to feel Weak


It is perfectly normal to feel weak, to feel tempted

It is ok, if you want to trot on the path which hurt you or makes you vulnerable

It is humane to make mistakes and to have regrets

You can feel weak, but always remember

You are much stronger than you realize.

Believe that you are resilient

Believe that you can beat the bad times;

More importantly, every time you feel weak

Be aware of your thoughts, indulge in them

And then scribble your weakness and lock it in  box.

You’ll visit it next week.


But for now, let’s be assertive

Let’s do the things that nourish your life.

Let’s make courage a habit.

Every time you feel weak and you lock it,

You are forming a thread of courage

And when you do it again and again and again

It becomes a solid wire!!!

Strength, courage, serenity is the energy that flows through you

And because you accept your weakness, you are insulated against it.

It is ok to feel weak from time to time

Because, it’s these crafty moments that make us wise and strong.

It’s ok if you let the weakness overwhelm you

But believe in your power to overcome it

It may seem evasive, but it will come to you

Just set your intent and start building your wire 🙂 🙂


Mind your wings




  1. Wake38 · June 27, 2016

    Great stuff! -W38


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