Did you know that every person, object and thought has an energy attached to it. And if a space (or mind) has too many objects/thoughts, it might create chaos. So, this summer Declutter your home, cupboard, mind, environment. Detoxify your body, negative attitude  and the people you interact with. This will help you dazzle. Glow inside-out. You deserve it. We all have one life and let’s keep it simple and joyous. 

When we do not need things at home we either put them in storage, sort it, swap it or give it away. Similarly, old ideas, toxic relationships, bad habits  or anything that does not support you should be put away for your own good. When letting go of toxic things, don’t look at what is going, look at the space that is being made. Look at the opportunities and the space for something new. You cannot nurture or have something new if your space is full of yesterday’s leftovers. 

Everything seems difficult until you start doing it. It is always difficult to get rid of things/people you are attached to and even more difficult are your habits and mental pattern. But, IT CAN BE DONE. Take one step at a time, remove one knot at a time, deal with one problem at a time and your holistic environment is DECLUTTERED. 

Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well it is true, keep your body nourished, flush all the toxins as a healthy body is the vessel for a calm mind and empowered self.  Besides, you will never know what you have until your room is clean, similarly you will never realize your potential until you get rid of all the chaos in your mind. 

Declutter your whole environment, body, thoughts and relationships to create a positive-cheerful energy around you. Reorganise your life to refresh and rejuvenate. 


Mind your wings

Dazzle your world 🙂

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