Practicing Yoga with changing moods

IMG-20160613-WA0011 copy

Hello everyone!!

I have fallen in love with Yoga; and my yoga teachers and fellow students are part of the reason. It’s been  11 months since I have started practicing Yoga and it has become a part of my lifestyle. It calms me, makes me happy and it keeps me super fit and healthy.

Practising Yoga on a good day is super awesome. Our postures are stable, our mind is in a trance, we feel good about our body and we feel super connected,  But, what about the days your body is not cooperating or you are super restless or you are having a bad day. Well, yoga is especially for those Bad days. Yoga helps in activating our Parasympathetic nervous system. It teaches us serenity in midst of chaos, stress and disorder. By taking deep breaths and adjusting our energy via asanas, our breath and heartbeat are more composed. And overtime, our brain learns this pattern.

So yoga is a day to day, hour to hour practice. It is especially important, to practice on a not-so-great-day. Why should our happiness-serenity, fluctuate based on external events when we have a strong internal mechanism to nullify it. Whatever mood you are in, yoga can be tailored for you. Its diverse and yet very personal.

Mind your wings 🙂

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