If it still Hurts….


There are somethings that will hurt again and again. We think that time has healed us, but if anyone (including us) scratches on those wounds, we are exposed again. The time lapse seems futile, we feel the pain and the hurt. And it makes us wonder, did we ever let go or was it just an illusion.

The thing about healing and letting go is, time does help in releasing all the pent up emotions. But, we need to wait for absolute repair, that is new skin to grow, that’s when we are absolutely healed.

All I have to say about this is, when a door closes, another door opens. But we are so busy looking at the closed door that we don’t even realize that a new door has opened. And if it’s taking some time, stop looking for things around. Just relish the present and take care of your wounds (physical or emotional). And, use this time to strengthen yourself, that if someone scratches on the same wound or you fall down again and hurt yourself at the same spot; you do not go through the same turmoil again. We all are much stronger than we think.  Take a breath and refresh.

Remember “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice” 

One comment

  1. revengestar · June 5, 2016

    *waits patiently for repair*


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