Don’t Anchor me

9CdEugurSWiK3O73AXaU_SeaAnchorCREDITSS-960x540 copy

There are people, things and memories which anchor you to the shore. They don’t let you explore the ocean, they prevent you from seeking better shores and discovering more possibilities. It is not intentional on their part. They love you and care a lot about you, but they don’t realize that they are binding you and restricting you from all the new experiences, lessons and memories.

Then, there is you which limits YOU. Your memories, fears, indifference are like self imposed shackles which do not let you move forward. They keep you so tied up that you abhor freedom or just trying new things.

If you really want to feel the wind in your hair, capture the most beautiful places, take a dip in deep blue sea or climb the snow capped mountain to feel the exhilaration. You need to let go of the anchor. You need to conquer your fears. You need to face the unknown. Take one step at a time and just because you want to wander does not mean you are lost . 

Explore. Express. Enjoy

Mind your Wings


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