What are you Ignoring today?


“It is impossible to solve a problem or take a decision that you refuse to face it,

Just because you have closed your eyes, does not mean it’s not there”

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. We make decisions everyday and we need to start taking  responsibility for our actions. This prepares us to make the big-hard decisions in life. Bring your concerns to the surface and face them head on. Ignoring them will make things tougher. Procrastination will only add more chaos in your mind. So, deal with it NOW.

We all know this. But inspite of this, there are cross-roads that cause us to stand still, where time does not really help. We wait for circumstances to improve, we wait for opportunities, but all in vain.  People say, rise up to the occasion; I fail to understand what they really mean.. Do they mean that we need to create our own opportunities or do they mean we need to make the best of the existing situation. But, what if we’ve tried them all?

When making decisions remember:

  • Never make an important decision when you are emotionally overwhelmed, be it very happy, sad, angry, guilty. You need to be calm, rational and you must know what keeps you happy.
  • You cannot keep everyone happy with one universal decision.
  • Never let your fears make your decision.
  • When making important decisions, be still and ask your subconscious mind “Am I making the right choice?”
  • There are no bad decisions, there are lessons and experiences. We fall, we learn and get up again. (But, Learn and move on for better)
  • If you believe in your decision 100%, stop looking for others approval.
  • Don’t look back too often, you may fall over what is right in front of you.


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  1. lamarrwenrich · May 27, 2016

    Words of wisdom💕

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