What we think VS What we do…


By nature, human beings can be illogical and irrational. For most of our existence, survival meant thinking quickly, not methodically. And often we guess and think “what we will do , when…..” , but when the same situation is presented in reality, our actions-reactions are different from the ones that we blueprinted.

In the book “The Blink by Malcolm Gladwell”, the author explains that most of our decision making happens in the first 15 seconds but our conscious mind needs reasoning, analyzing, logic finding which lengthens the process. In various surveys, people were asked to explain the rationale behind their choices, decisions, but their reasoning was blurred which led to confusion and chaos in their mind.

Myra is a 32 year old independent, strong married woman.  As a teenager, when she had to speak about domestic violence, she was absolutely sure that she would never take any beating and would walk out of the relationship. But the reality is different, she married the love of her life, after sometime, when they faced crisis there was physical violence in her marriage. She loved him too much to let go, she vowed to help him and herself.

Similarly in our life,  we often have a blueprint for our life, crisis.. but how we deal with it  maybe completely different. We must realize that over time, our priorities change, our connections change and most of all our perception in life changes. Besides, when facing a mock situation versus facing situation in reality are very different.

So many companies test market their product, we have mock experiments, trial exams BUT they are not the same as the real thing. Our brains are wired differently.

We must be prepared to be surprised by our reactions, by our change of desires; we also need to acknowledge the fact that if other people are involved they will bring their desires, expectations and emotions to the table and situations have their own mind and say.

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