The Gift of Closure

the-most-painful-goodbyes-best-quote-bdcfdf6f929b611d7ca1885cb9fec266 copy

“You broke my heart with your silence.

You couldn’t even give me the Gift of Closure.

I just wanted to say………….”

We have a Farewell party at school, Graduation ceremony in college, when we are moving to a new place we have a party to say goodbye or to mark the end of a certain journey and wish them the best for their new start. All in all, we get a closure and we are ready to enter a new phase in life.

But, closures are a luxury in relationships. Sometimes, before you can say sorry, the person is gone. Sometimes, you need to tell your loved ones “I love you” but you never get a chance. There are so many unsaid things that live forever in you and sometimes it hurts more than you ever imagined.

People get hurt in a relationship, they are so bitter or angry, they leave without a word. So much is unsaid and later in life you think you could have been more graceful about the parting. “What if”, “Only once..” are the words that haunt you for a longer time than you thought.

There are situations that turn ugly in life and the best option is to walk away without having to defend or explain yourself. The others may call you a coward or accuse you of many things, but when people refuse to listen or understand, it’s futile to try a closure at that time. When people are emotionally charged and refuse to see reason, walking away is the best closure and in hindsight they may see that it was the only option or you may still wish that you had done something more…

Closure is a tricky business, that’s why we have exit interviews, farewell speeches but in our personal life we need to be very careful. We are leaving an imprint. Your last words will be played again and again and again. You don’t want to blur out the best memories of your life because there was no closure.

“I don’t want us to be Unfinished Business”

Mind your wings

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  1. ericstone51 · May 6, 2016

    True Dat…


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