My journey with Total Yoga



“Opportunities do not arrive by our schedule… we need to be Willing

To risk. To fail. To succeed.

To take Action rather than choose Inaction”

There are some experiences that cannot be put into words, they can only be felt. Then. there are those experiences that are so personal to you, that sharing them exposes you and make you feel vulnerable.

My journey with Total Yoga is a mix of both. I have just begun this journey and I feel a subtle difference in my life. I cannot pinpoint the changes, but I can feel them. And most of all, I feel the joy after attending a class, learning something new or just the joy of being able to do an asana, I have been struggling with. 

An important thing about Yoga is , it is not about touching your toes or doing a handstand (It is a great feeling when you can do it though). Yoga helps us in being aware of who we are, it helps us in being present in the “NOW” and most of all it helps the mind relax and quieten the inner dialogue that goes on and on..

Yoga has helped me get fitter, more toned but also I am more aware of “me”. Earlier, I lived on auto mode, but now I  sieve the events in my life. I am learning to respond rather than react and most of all I feel connected to me and sometimes, everything around me ; It is a nouveau feeling. 

All the tasks like- waking up early in the morning, commuting through peak hour traffic, showing your wounds to others, did not matter anymore. As, I got to experience the deepest level of serenity and joy during the classes. And when you love what you are doing, the universe lines up the best things for you. I have the best teachers, co-trainees and the other students 🙂 🙂

Total Yoga is a community where you will find people you connect with, you can laugh with. It’s not just yoga, it’s a lifestyle. The more I learn ,the more I realize, how much I don’t know.


One comment

  1. Manish Pole · April 22, 2016

    Wonderfully written Iti. So proud of you!


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