Flawed but PERFECT!!


“One man’s food is another’s  poison”

My idea of perfect can be a disaster for you. Besides, Is there a universal definition or acceptance of “Perfection”. We all are looking for a our perfect college, perfect job, perfect home, perfect partner and so on. But, for every individual their perfect is tailor made. It is different. And, as a society we need to at least respect their choices, their idea of what is perfect for them.

While I was college hunting, I went through a list of colleges in the country and their ranking, evaluation. I chose a prestigious college which was specialized as opposed to a lot of peers who chose a college with an array of courses and a large campus. But, I know I chose the right college for me. It was a close-knit community where there was opportunity for everyone. It was perfect for me!!

We all have flaws and when we choose a friend or our partner, even they have flaws. Then why is it we keep on searching for the perfect one? Probably, because there is a person who we connect with, we are mesmerised with their virtues and we accept the flaws. We must not be blind to them, but they appear so minuscule that they have no relevance or they hardly matter and the other person is perfect for us. While the same person maybe on another’s incompatible list.

Perfect is a highly subjective concept. Start looking for the things you appreciate and are grateful for in yourself, in your choices and in your world and perfection will be manifested.

Mind your flaws 

Mind your wings


  1. Ngobesing Romanus · April 6, 2016

    Good article. None is perfect. We can do a thing very well but hardly perfectly in the real sense of it.


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