Night Whispers


There are nights, I cannot sleep, however hard I try

I read a book or two and turn off the light

I look at the night sky and stars , I feel like they are witnessing my life

They know my challenges and triumphs, They’ve seen me laugh and cry

I have found a new friend in this darkness

I don’t need words or anything dramatic

I sometimes share my dreams, fears, hope and joy with them.

And sometimes I search for a shooting star.

I know they can reach out to a lot of people who are miles apart

I send my prayers, blessings and all the best things in life enveloped by my love

Sometimes I know the others are receiving them and

Sometimes I pray and hope very hard, that the night takes care of them too

Just like it has  taken care of me all these years.

My window opens to a beautiful garden where, The plants and trees have grown with me

They too, are acquainted with me and hear my night whispers

Sometimes the wind touches my face and I know they are sharing their exhilaration

Sometimes a breeze brushes my tear and I know  they feel the disruptions within me.

Red, indigo, violet, yellow and orange are the vibrant colours that light up the garden

At night, the colors seem to fade, but every morning, they greet me with the same vigour

Probably they try to tell me, just because the light does not shine on them, it does not change who they are. It’s only when the sun comes up, everyone can see their perfection.

I share my secrets with the night, I know it is my most trusted friend. it won’t judge me, it will patiently wait for me to vent it out.

I like the silence that surrounds me at night, I can hear my thoughts

And the night can hear it too

And sometimes, just a few times,  I hear them too!!

Mind your wings


  1. Dolvella · March 26, 2016

    Lovely post.


  2. Ngobesing Romanus · April 6, 2016

    It touches my heart.


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