Be kind… Rewind!!

“Just one more moment please, let me indulge”

“That’s enough for the day, look at yourself, smiling like a moron”

“Ughhhhh, what’s your problem, why are you so uptight, can’t’ you just be….”

“You are giving way too much attention to the PAST and I am interested in your today and tomorrow”

“Can you just Shut up, I am allowed to revisit my favourite memories and cherish them”.

That was me vs me. The inner dialogue between the logical and emotional me 🙂 

There are these golden moments, we cherish and revisit from time to time. Some say that such indulgence is futile and works of the ideal mind and the others find no harm in rewinding to our favourite moments.

Let me tell you a secret, there are days-moments in my life that are so perfect, that I close my eyes and wish that the time stops and I can feel every microsecond, capture every frame and live that moment from time to time. And, thanks to my vivid imagination, they are imprinted in my soul.

Don’t you have days, where you are with your loved ones and the whole world is a blur. All that matters it the joy, ecstasy of that moment. I remember telling them, “Let’s just close our eyes and let this moment last forever”. I  often hear people chuckle at this notion. But, the crazy-stupid me believes in it.

We all have those moments that make us smile from ear to ear. Sometimes, irrespective of the present circumstances, they are a vacation for our thoughts. They are the feel good factors and they also tell us that heaven can be brought to earth, when you are having the time of your life. So, let’s just FREEZE this moment and be kind to ourselves and rewind to this moment from time to time… 🙂

Mind your wings

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