“FOREVER”: Really?????

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Nothing lasts Forever,

Forever’s a lie;

All we have is what’s in between

Hello and goodbye….”

I used to believe in FOREVER with my heart and my soul. I believed in “friends forever”,  “soulmates forever and ever and ever……”, “till death do us part” and all the things that makes the heart sing and keeps us secure.

But remember, the only thing that is constant is CHANGE. And we can control ourselves and our emotions, but what about  circumstances, events, other people and the growth that goes on within us and around us. So how can anything be “FOREVER”.

Sometimes the best of intentions are ruined when you have to let go of things, no matter how hard you hold on to it. Sometimes you need to part ways with your loved ones or the things you value the most in life, to allow growth and to follow your bliss/ passion or anything thats keeps you content, happy and fulfilled.

On the other hand, there are relationships that last till death, there are passions that keep you alive and lively, and we are souls being cast into different moulds. In this dynamic world, forever is passive, as the chemistry-bond between people change, priorities change, likes-dislikes change….. So maybe FOREVER is perceived differently by different people. 

Maybe Forever exists, But I am not sure what it means to you.

Mind your wings

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