A Story called “Thank you 2015….”


Hello everyone….

As 2015 comes to an end. I write my heart out. 2014 was one of the lowest points in my life, but 2015 was my learning year. When I was alone, the Universe and my Lord helped me the most. They sent people who gave me acceptance and affection. I had solitude to heal and revive. There were books which taught me to think right. Finally, I had my family who understood  the healing process and helped me in every way they could.

Dear 2015,

You have been an amazing year. You taught me to live, laugh and love again. More importantly you helped me love, me again. I cannot thank  self -development authors enough, for being my companion during these 365 days. And, WordPress you have given me a new set of friends and a whole different world which makes me happy and they accept me just the way I am.

2015, you will be a special year for me. You made me introspect and brought to light all my weaknesses, flaws and vices. Thank you for helping me become a better person. Today my quality of life has become better, I realise it’s because I am more deserving today.

This year has been special because I took a foot forward in writing (my blog) and yoga. I am absolutely passionate about these two things. I was always good at them, but it is only this year that I made them, a part of my life.

The magic that has been added to my life is because of the spells called: Law of Karma, Manifestation process, Power of Now and  Unconditional love and acceptance. Besides this, I now realize the power of meditation. It transformed my life for the better. And the magical ingredient that is very important is called “BELIEF”. Whatever you believe in is true for you.

Looking back, I see that the low was necessary to help me bring out the best in me. We all face challenges, it can make us or break us. For me, it made me with the help of my loved ones, the Lord and the Universe. Thank you so much. 🙂 🙂

“Thank you 2015 for being a New year

Thank you 2015 for giving me new dreams

Thank you 2015 for making me a new person

Thank you so much, I promise to carry your legacy forward”

– Mind your wings



  1. theextraaamile · December 14, 2015

    …and may 2016 be even better 🙂


  2. thinkdigest · December 31, 2015

    Hello! wow this is lovely good to know that your 2015 was better than 2014 and I won’t be surprised if your 2016 gets even better. Happy New Year.
    much love, George.


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