Be careful what you wish for


“I wish, I wish a mighty wish

It’s just not a wish, it’s my dream, my belief

I am working towards it, I put in faith and toil

My wish is for the greater good

But what if the wish unfulfilled is for the greatest good”

We all have wished and worked towards it, many a times. But, we must be very careful while choosing what we want. Why? Let’s see a couple of scenarios:

What if our priorities change in life, and our wish fulfilled becomes more of an obstacle..

Have you ever wished for something real hard for your loved one’s good, though it hurts you in the process.  And when you get your wish, though you are happy, you are also hurting a lot. Its for the greater good. But can you handle it…?

Sometimes our wish is a more of a whim, and the amount of focus we put into a short term pleasure, is just not worth it. And we realize that we wasted so many resources just for a fad.

Have you made a hasty decision which resulted in victory which lasted for a short time because you failed to see the long term consequence.

A wish is like choosing your destination. If you choose a destination without knowing anything about it and after a long journey, you realize that the destination is not what you really wanted or you chose the wrong destination after a difficult journey. It can be very disappointing and discouraging.

When you make a choice, have a worm’s eye view and a bird’s eye view. And before that set your priorities right. Ask yourself will this matter to me even after 3-5 years? Is it worth investing my life in?

So be careful what you wish for….

Mind your wishes to Mind your wings


  1. Dedicated Polyglot · December 7, 2015

    So true! I’m in such a situation right now, so I can totally relate to what you said. Great post!


  2. theextraaamile · December 7, 2015

    What has been your wish Iti?


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