Did you smile today?


Did you smile today?

No, not the fake one or the one for photos

Did you smile, that made your eyes sparkle?

Smile, the smile that makes you happy

Smile and be the sunshine around people

Wear a smile to look more beautiful

Smile till it reaches your heart 🙂

Did you have a good laugh today?

No, not on someone else…

Laugh with sincerity and it is contagious

Laugh your problems away

Laugh and make the most of the day

Laugh like a child, there is nothing more melodious and warm as their laughter

Smile and Laugh

Because your joy means the world to someone else

More importantly they are the best therapy

And makes the world a better place to live 🙂






  1. Nisthur Anadi · December 16, 2015

    Beautiful poem, awesome message


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