Perfumes you need to TRY before you DIE

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her, than her handwriting”

A perfume is much more than a beauty product. It is like your signature, it is unique and it is identified with you. It adds zing to your gait and takes your style a notch higher. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to perfumes. Here is a list of perfumes, you must try before you die: 

1) Fragonard- “You will fall in love…. with you, again n again n again”

My absolute favourite. The French perfumery house has the most exotic, fresh smelling, longgg lasting fragrances which will make your presence felt. Frivole and Diamant leave a luminous trail of desire behind all those who wear it. There is no shipping service to India. But if someone is visiting Europe, tell them to get a set for you. A little dab and you carry the fragrance with you through the day, night and the next day too!!


2) Chanel – “Fragrances are the trails left behind you, when they become a part of you”

A magical fragrance just like the Arabian nights. The warm, lavish, seductive perfumes have been popular for a long time. You’ll believe it when you will use it. Coco Chanel, Chance and No.5 are the queen of hearts that have emerged victorious.


3) DKNY – “Let my fragrance speak for me”

Happy, Cheerful, Bright perfumes that make you shine, even on a rainy day. Try the Be Delicious range. A bouquet of  flowers, fruits, wood and spices to celebrate your day with. Sample them all, before choosing what is in sync with your personality.


4) Dior – “A successful fragrance makes the woman wearing it smile and her man aroused”

Strong, powerful and exciting are the words used to define Dior Perfumes. Dior Addict series is a must have for every woman. Miss Dior is light-hearted fragrance for every girl out there. Hypnotic poison is my personal favourite. They add spunk to your personality and is the finishing touch of your dress.


5) Estee Lauder – “Fragrance is the most powerful memory trigger”

They are fresh and make you feel lighter and brighter. A day wear perfume which is floral, fruity and earthy. Sensuous, Pleasures and Beyond Paradise are the popular perfumes. Try one at a time or even better mix them a little, you will be happily surprised. 🙂


6)  Valentino – “A bottle that will never go out of fashion”

An elegant perfume that unites different scents and seasons in one bottle. You can try the Valentina Assoluto or Valentino V.  A special mention that the pretty bottles catch my eye every time I pass through my Perfume cabinet.


7) Burberry – “Find your fragrance”

A bewitching composition of fragrances be it rose, sandalwood, amber or musk. It is a treasure. Try Brit edition for women, Summer, Burberry Body or Burberry Touch. They are all really nice. But one man’s food is another’s poison. So go see what lures you the best.


8) Jean Paul Gaultier : “Use it only if you feel good about it”

The corset shaped bottles are feminine but the fragrances range from seductive, classy to a fresh spring day. You need one, then go get one from the Classique collection. You need different flavours. So feel free to indulge. Classique-Jean-Paul-Gaultier-842x1024

9) Versace – “Smell good, Smile better”

My new discovery of Versace perfumes introduced me to Versense, Yellow Diamond, Versus and Vanitas. Sample them all and choose one. All of them are very different, so choose a different fragrance like lemon-citrus fruit based or a mix of musk, earth n vanilla.


10) Fresh-Aquatic perfumes – “You need to have one of this fragrance”

Choose from Davidoff Cool water for women, Ralph Lauren Ralph Cool, Michael Kors Island Palm beach. My favourite is Davidoff though. But all are similar. See what’s your magical potion.


Try them before you buy them. And if you are in a mood to splurge, then take perfumes which have distinct fragrances.


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