Will you give up your dreams for approval?

I have a question, we all do things to keep our loved ones happy. But there are so many things we also do,which make us unhappy but it keeps others’ approval intact.

Will you give up your dreams to pursue the dreams of the person you love the most in the world?

Will you give up your dreams because the society has a general notion of what you should do?

Will you live a life making everyone smile, but crying incessantly for your loss?

Why are people labelled “rebels or selfish” if they are not blessed with other people’s approval?

Are you ready to pay the price of pursuing your dreams and taking charge of your happiness?

Will you stop loving the other person, if their ways are different?

We all have relationships we value a lot. But, to a certain degree we must be independent of others’ approval. As approval is like a chain that binds our happiness. Let us value ourselves with our relationships. if you are not happy with yourself, you will not have anything to give to others. Love and approve of yourself and you will see your world change 🙂


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