Do other people’s opinions steer your life?

opin copy

We all have opinions, but do we have the wisdom to know when to express them? I doubt. If we cannot express our opinions in front of others, people have the tendency to go round the person and express it to everyone else. Or sometimes, we do say it on their face, but the timing or place is bad. So it is essential that we say the right thing at the right time in the right place.

Categories of Opinionated people

People with strong opinions: They have the right to express and enforce their opinions, because they think they are always right and they have the freedom of expression.

People with silent opinions: They have an opinion too which they keep to themselves.

People with late opinions: Some people find themselves in trouble because they do not give their opinion when it is asked for and then find themselves doing things they abhor.

So-called-Indifferent people: They claim to not think, anything about anyone or any situation. Its’ just that they think the situation or person is not worthwhile their time or mind-space. But, do we see veiled condescension…

Non-opinionated people: Rare to find, these people do not form opinions about people or things until they are directly involved. They might be mistaken to be dull or not so smart.

Opinions are omnipresent, but it is your choice to make them omnipotent. Are you scared to do anything because of other people’s opinion. Well guess what, everyone around you, kid or adult has an opinion. If your actions are governed by their opinions you will either resort to inaction or invite chaos in your life. So when you need to do something, act on your word and thought. And ask yourself “Will listening to their opinion make things clearer or better; OR is it better to just pass their opinion and carry on…?”

And when expressing your opinion “Think twice before speaking

and before that

Open your eyes, ears and more importantly your mind” 🙂 


  1. Ngobesing Romanus · September 14, 2015

    Great post. You are right. We think alike on this.


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