Beyond the tip of the iceberg called Meditation


“What lies before us or what lies behind us,

is much smaller than what lies inside us”

Hello Everyone 🙂 

It’s been 6 months since I started meditating regularly. Has it helped? A lot, I feel like a more balanced person and  I am more serene. At the start of my journey, I was looking at peace, focus and general well-being. But now I realize that ,these goals are just the tip of the iceberg called Meditation. There is a lot more than breathing, relaxing and focus to meditation. I share with you a more comprehensive view of meditation.

  • Meditation is like guarding your body and soul. It increases your immunity and psychic immunity. It helps you beat the negativity around you. Example: When the master is away from home, shady characters can take residence in his house. Similarly, when your awareness is away for too long, from your body and soul, shady characters like illness, anxiety, fear, negativity can reside in your body-mind-soul. Thus, it is necessary to consciously breath several times during the day and bring your attention to the energy field inside.
  • Our minds are like monkeys, jumping from one thought to another, the constant chatter and incessant activity. There is no peace, no rest and it becomes a one-sided communication. The conscious dictating to our subconscious. Meditation allows effective two-way communication, where our subconscious mind gives feedback to our conscious mind.
  • Prayer is when you talk to God and Meditation is when you listen to God.
  • Our subconscious mind knows how to heal our mind and body. The challenge is to silence the mind, that the subconscious mind can start its work without interference from the mind or external factors.
  • Meditation creates a good vibrating energy around the person which brings favorable people and situations into their life and gives them the strength to face challenges. This happens by awakening our inner consciousness during meditation.

“The thing about meditation is you become more and more you, you connect with your soul, you listen to your subconscious mind and you get connected to the Divine intelligence and the Universe. Just like you know that you are a small part of the universe, you also realize that there is a universe within you. Making others understand the effect of meditation is like explaining to a blind person what red/blue/green looks like”. Unknown

If there are any errors, please let me know. And If you can expand to my knowledge, please help me.

Thank you for being here. 🙂 🙂 

My wings are flourishing like never before ❤

Mind your wings



  1. Meg · August 21, 2015

    This is awesome! Thank you-


  2. Ngobesing Romanus · August 26, 2015

    Good education on meditation. Thanks for sharing.


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  4. ohana-808-inspired · September 14, 2015

    I have difficulty clearing my mind. If you have meditation tapes you’d recommend, I’d love for you to share. Thanks! Great piece.


  5. mindyourwings · September 14, 2015

    These two are my favourite meditations… But, to each his own… I tried several before getting my bliss…


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