The Freedom of Forgiveness


“The weak can never forgive.

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”

Mahatma Gandhi

For years, I found it difficult to forgive people. I carried the hurt, resentment and a burden which kept me down. All their lies, rumours, betrayal, dishonesty, broken promises trust, maliciousness really pulled me down. I lost trust in people, because there was so much grudge I was carrying around. I had, heard the power of forgiveness, but I did not believe in it. I build a huge wall around myself, that no one could enter and hurt me again. Another mistake we usually do.

I just could not find a way to forgive people! Even if I told them, that it was ok, I understood them. IT WAS A LIE. I did not understand their reasons for doing things, I could not release the hurt. I was ignorant and foolish.

Then, Life gave me a real hard lesson, I was at a low point where my loved ones forgave me in the truest sense. I felt their love, like never before. This was the mark of my new journey, towards becoming a better person and having a better quality of life. It was during this journey, I felt my heart lighten, I found the ever evading PEACE in me.

It was like the wind came and took all my resentment away (of course I had to work a lot on it). I learned the art of truly forgiving people. It is when I wished them the best and meant it from my heart.I knew I had learnt the art of forgiving people.  I don’t know about them, but I feel closer to me. I am at peace, it is easier for me to laugh. The painful memories are just memories. they evoke no emotion from me. I feel privileged to have witnessed the power of forgiveness. You need to discover this power within you, for YOU.  

I just know, that I started meditating, practicing a lot of gratitude, surrounded myself with positivity in and around me, did the best I could with my circumstances and myself and WHOOSHH… One day I felt lighter and I realized that I had learnt to forgive and let go; I felt so much lighter and radiant. So letting go of the pain-hurt is very essential for you. Learn to do it for you…. Just start with one good thought, then a good word and you will witness the good deed.

“We all know about the power of love,

It’s time we seek the power of forgiveness!!!!!”

Let’s learn to give and forgive.

It’s not as difficult as we think it is 🙂


  1. Ngobesing Romanus · August 11, 2015

    Hello Iti Jain! This is a lovely post. You are right about forgiveness. It is important to forgive; but not easy. I am happy you learnt that lesson and today share this important message. May God bless you! I address you Iti Jain. Is that okay?


    • mindyourwings · August 12, 2015

      yes please… You can call me Iti. that’s my name… Thank you all your encouragement and appreciation


      • Ngobesing Romanus · August 12, 2015

        I am happy Iti. I like to call you by your name. It makes me feel closer to you; where I really want to belong. Nice day.


      • mindyourwings · August 13, 2015

        Thank you…


  2. mwanawapate · August 27, 2015

    Forgiveness is truly a gift that you give yourself. I learned that as well when I forgave someone who caused me so much grief. I love your blog!


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