Let’s give LOVE another chance – Part 2

“Excuse Me…. Too busy writing your tragedy?

Have you bubble wrapped your earlier love n memories?

You have no idea that there is love, laughter, sunshine

Waiting for you to go, explore

So LET GO of the past for you and 

Let’s give love another chance!!” 🙂 🙂 

People often tell us what to do? But I often ask them, HOW DO I do that — be brave or let go. I know, I need to do these. But HOW? In the earlier post, I urged you to give love another chance and now I help you with the HOW.

1. Take your time…. And don’t let it stop you from living

What’s a good time to move on 1 month, 1 year, 5 years…? It is subjective to your involvement, resilience power, support group and your desire-willpower to move on. Time and love from your support group does heal you and you learn to live and laugh. Don’t rush it and become vulnerable. Be strong, move on with the other parts of your life; Your family, friends, work, hobbies, YOU. However, lethargic or disinterested you are, push yourself, live n laugh. Life is too precious to waste it over something you no longer control or have.

2. Do what excites you, makes you laugh

Think deeply of the things you really love doing. Dancing, Painting, Travelling, Watching movies, anything! As long as it calms you, makes you happy. Just do it. You may have wanted to try it for a long time now, so NOW is the time and the perfect reason to do it. Laughing is one of the best therapies in healing! So lets start with a smile 🙂

3. Use scientific affirmations 

Words that are repeated sincerely sink into your subconscious mind and help you attain your goal or request. The best time to practice this is at night before sleeping and just after waking up. You can never overdo it. So make it your lullaby or prayer. It will work for you, all you need is faith n perseverance. You can try these

  • “I release (name) to the Lord. I let go of him/her. I am at peace. I am free. I now decree that my words go into the infinite and it is made so. It is so. Thank you.”
  • ” I accept change. I let go of (name) peacefully. I learn to love myself more and more. I attract love into my life. All is well in my world”
  •  ” Love is everywhere. I am loving and lovable”
  •  ” Thank you for my perfect partner. Thank you that I am in love again. Thank you so much”

4. Try Heart chakra meditations

They require some practice and a lot of focus. But, after sometime, you feel so light-hearted that you know it works. There are a lot of guided chakra meditations on YouTube. Check which suits you the best.

5. Visualization

This requires practice and focus too. You need to visualise a happy-you in love. If you still have stored anguish from the earlier relationship. Then you just need to let it go, via your visuals or a mental movie. You need to relax your body and mind before starting the visuals. Think of beautiful, serene places and release all the limitations.

You know yourself the best. So you can try a mix of these or whatever you think will help you be open to love again. It is a beautiful feeling. It does not trap you. It empowers you, adds wings to your happiness. So it is totally worth the second chance.

If you have other methods that have worked for you, please let me know. It’s all about letting go of the past, to make our present truly a “PRESENT”. Live more. Laugh more and Love A LOT MORE!!! Starting from yourself 😉



  1. Ngobesing Romanus · August 4, 2015

    Good tips. Well one!


  2. theclippedbutterfly · February 26, 2016

    Great post


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